10 Ways Not to Gain the Holiday Bulge

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You know everyone during the holiday season seems to worry about gaining the holiday bulge….5 lbs maybe or more! Or don’t worry about it and just throw up their hands in the air and give into reckless abandon…who needs to diet during the holidays!  We get into this feast mode at thanksgiving and it just has a  snowball effect and keeps going and going until the new year. And then many wake up on January 1 and make a resolution to lose weight. Maybe it was the same resolution they made last year too. Being on a weight loss journey I know that I haven’t reach my goals yet and will still be working on this come the new year…but that doesn’t mean I have to gain the holiday bulge and need to lose more weight then I need to lose before the holidays started.

 10 Ways Not to Gain the Holiday Bulge

10 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Bulge

  1. Realize there are only 3 holiday days from Thanksgiving and New Years. OK 4 if you count Christmas Eve. You know everyone wants to enjoy the holidays and have their favorite food that is made this time of year. But let’s be realistic. It is only 3-4 meals not every meal between Thanksgiving and New Years right? I’m talking to myself here too! OK maybe you go to a few parties in between? There are 36 days between Thanksgiving and New Years. Take 36(days)x3(meals)=108 meals. So there are plenty of opportunities to eat healthy during the holiday season. No need to gain the holiday bulge. It helps to have the right perspective. Look at all the opportunities you have to make healthy choices! There’s no reason for the holiday bulge!
  2.  Make a plan. Know when you will be celebrating or going to a holiday parties. Decide to eat healthy between the holidays. There will always be special occasions to go to in life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to get off track and each one. Have a plan. I read in one article the person  allowed themselves to have one bite of all the foods they enjoyed so they didn’t feel deprived. But that is just one bite. Not stuffing themselves full on unhealthy choices. Maybe you allow yourself that one meal to be your ‘cheat’ meal.. But that is not every meal that day or over-stuffing yourself at that one meal. Have a plan and stick to it.
  3. Drink Water. Lots and lots of water. It helps your body in SOOOOO many ways. Make sure you are well hydrated! And if your drinking water you will not be taking in unnecessary calories.
  4. Exercise. There’s no reason to stop exercising just because it is the holidays. Keep on moving! The holidays can be a busy time of year but still make time to take care of yourself during the holidays! I know I always have more energy on days that I exercise compared to days that I don’t. So keep on moving! HIIT is a great and quick way to get in exercise each day.
  5. Sleep. Make sure you are still getting a good amount of sleep!
  6. Limit the junk food snacks. Keep your snacks healthy. Bring your own snacks to parties. Usually at parties there are veggie trays and fruit trays.  Go for the healthier foods offered.
  7.  Use a smaller plate. Do this all the time. We Americans have this mentality that bigger is better. We overeat. Using a smaller plate will help you get in the right serving sizes and cut down on calories.
  8. Drink hot drinks. Green tea, Oolong tea, herbal tea. Hot drinks make you feel full. And it is a great way to get more healthy fluids without calories! Even drinking broth will make you feel full and is good for you! Make your own broth at home and flavor it with yummy spices!
  9.  Limit the parties you go to. I know I know you don’t want to seem rude but really it is OK to say no. We keep ourselves so busy this day in age. Pick the most important holiday parties that you and your family need to attend. This will help you with keeping a plan and not gaining the holiday bulge but it will also cut some stress from your life too. Stress is bad for weight loss too!
  10. Give yourself Grace. I tend not to want to say this as many bloggers have used this lately. But really give yourself some grace. If you mess up it doesn’t mean to you have to give yourself a guilt trip and keep yourself down, or give up completely. Show yourself some grace get back up and make right choices. But don’t wait until the new year to do so!

I know that I will enjoy some holiday goodies. I did at Thanksgiving and I will at Christmas but I will make good healthy decisions in between. I want to avoid the Holiday bulge. What is your plan to avoid the holiday bulge?
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4 comments on “10 Ways Not to Gain the Holiday Bulge

  1. Starting at Halloween gets hard because we have candy and treats that I don’t usually keep around the house. But I’m doing my best to drink lots of water and eat my veggies first before I have the slice of pizza or comfort food. Another great tip is tracking your calories on an app. Keeps me honest when I do it. Spark People is free and wonderful!

  2. Great tips. I tend to over do it on special occasions, but then I realize that every month has special occasions and I have to just say “no” sometimes.

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