1000 Books by Kindergarten

Have you heard of the program 1000 Book by Kindergarten?  I had not until my librarian told me about it this last week when we were picking up our books. I try to get books based on a theme and letter of the week that I am doing with my daughter along with some others! We started doing this in October. I wish I would have know about this program before.
This year I had decided to keep track of the books I read to my daughter on a Pinterest board. I am going to change the title now to 1000 books by Kindergarten. They say  you can read the same book more than once and it count towards your 1000. I would like to read  1000 different books 🙂 Of course she is like any other child where we re-read the same book 100 times!
Here is some information that was in my local library’s pamphlet.
“The Kelly Library is challenging parents to read 1000 books to their children before kindergarten. Studies continue to show that children who are read to on a regular basis do better at school. And that the more age appropriate books available to your child, the further in school he will go.
But reading to your child does so much more.
Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain development happens before age 5? Reading aloud helps by:
  • Building vocabulary, especially for words that don’t come up in daily conversation. Key for success at school.
  • Building literacy skill, the concept of sentences, sounds of words, of a story developing
  • Building curiosity, memory and attention span
  • Helping to develop an awareness of people outside of the family circle and community, building empathy and caring
  • Helping with transitions and life experiences: moving, starting school, a new baby int he family
  • Building a life long enjoyment of books and reading
  • est of all, it helps to build lasting family relationships. Reading together is a chance to have “just us” time with no distractions and new things to talk about.”


If you start at a really young age you can reach a 1000 books in no time. Here is a break down of how long it can take:
Read 1 book each evening at bedtime and you will reach 1000 books in less than 3 years.
Read 2 books each evening at bedtime and you will reach 1000 books in a year and a half.
Read 3 books each evening at bedtime and you will reach 1000  in less than a year.
At the top of the pamphlet they mention reading age appropriate books. I do agree with this but I also think to challenge children you can read books that are not at their level as it will help in developing vocabulary, and introduce new concepts. I just started to read chapter books to my little one. We are reading Little House in the Big Woods.
Our Library is offering fun incentives along the way.
Here is my plan:
  • When I go to the Library to check out books I will write the titles down right away on our sheet to keep track of them. I usually check out books every other week. If we are going to do 1000 different books I will have to increase the amount I get each time or go more often.
  • Write down the books we own at home that we read
  • Add to my Pinterest board You can follow along 🙂
You can print the reading logs here.
What to join us in this challenge?
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10 comments on “1000 Books by Kindergarten

  1. Great challenge! When I was in grad school, we discussed the idea of 1000 books and how that impacts reading readiness. So once I had my babies, I decided that we would read at least one book a day before naptime. By incorporating it into our naptime routine, I could guarantee that we would meet the goal early on and that every day, I have a chance to model a love for reading to my kids. And Daddy reads at bedtime. Some days, there are many books in between, but on other days, there aren’t. But by building it into our routine, like brushing teeth, we’re able to make it happen every day.

  2. I love this challenge. I heard about it from our local library. I think it’s too late for my oldest who is going to kindergarten in the fall, but I will do it with my 3 year old twins. We read every day in our house. It’s one of my favorite times when all three boys smush on my lap for a story.

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