3 Toddler Winter Crafts

My Toddler loves to do crafts! I love searching pinterest and finding crafts to do with her. Some she can do a little bit more independently and others are doing them with her. Which she loves. Here are 3 crafts that we have done in the last few weeks!  One tip I have learned is to use card stock instead of construction paper. It is more durable for all the paint and water!
First, we did  Penguin foot Prints!  We painted the background and let it dry. We made finger print snowflakes. My daughter just wanted to smear the white paint in one area! Once that was dry we made foot prints. After the foot prints were dry I added the bellies and arms. We glued on the faces together. One of the eyes fell off the other day 🙁  before I took any pictures.
Secondly, we made a supper easy craft! Not a lot of prep work. I think I should have used more white crayon though. I used white card stock paper and drew a snowman and snowflakes with white crayon. Then I made blue water using a little paint and water. My daughter  painted it to reveal the picture! She loved this! I loved it! Easy to get together and let her go at it!
Third and final one that we did this week was make an ice craft! This one is kinda messy and very sensory oriented. We made this craft twice. Super fun! Toddler approved!  But if you go to the link in her post you will see she did it with older kids. I put my paper on a cookie sheet to try to contain some of the mess. The first time we did this my daughter use a paint brush to put on the glue and then she dumped the Epsom  salt by the handful onto the glue. She then tried to add more glue but the salt just stuck to her brush! She really wanted to use the glue bottle so we had to do a second one! I did cut a hole in my bottle so it was easier for her to squeeze out the glue! I have a surplus of glue for some reason! There was so much glue! After that we just let them dry. The second one took FOREVER to dry! Easy fun craft!
What crafts have you been up to lately? I would love to know what you create with your little ones!
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