3 Ways to Successfully Start Your Weight Loss Journey

3 Ways to Successfull Start Your Weight Loss Journey #weightloss #fitness #goals

When I really realized and determined that I needed to lose weight  I knew I needed to get a plan. It’s a hard journey! And waking up one day and saying I am going to lose weight isn’t easy. You need to know where to start. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off you will need to make lifestyle changes. It’s not just some quick fix and then back to doing what you were doing before because if that’s the case you will gain it all back. Here are 3 Ways to Successfully Start Your Weight Loss Journey.

3 Ways to Successfully Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Eating Plan

First you need to change your eating habits. I believe this is more important than exercise when losing weight…I am not saying that you don’t need to exercise! There is sooooo much information out there on what to not eat and eat to lose weight. If it is not something you can do long-term then it is not a good diet plan. You need to cut out the junk and eat healthy whole foods. Three eating plans that I would recommend are:

  • Trim Healthy Mama
  • Paleo
  • South Beach

All recommend a Low glycemic diet and use whole foods.  Research and choose one that best fits you and your families needs. And make sure it is something you can make part of your lifestyle.

Exercise Program

You will need to choose some form of exercise. Try many different things until you find one that you love…or at least like and will be committed to doing a few times a week. Maybe going to the gym is your thing, taking a class, workout DVDs, or training for a 5k.  There are so many forms of exercise out there to try.  I personally LOVE Lindsey Brin  Moms into Fitness DVDs. I love that I can just pop one in and go. I can workout any time that fits my schedule. I love that she gives different styles of exercise so you can change it up everyday. You can also make your workout as short as 10 minutes or longer. Really it was made to fit the busy Mom’s schedule. She also has beginner, intermediate, and advance options to follow throughout her workouts.

Making it a Priority and Setting Goals

Now after you have completed the first two this part is the most important. Take some time to really think about WHY you are making losing weight a priority in your life! No really you will need to make it a priority if you are going to stick with it and make your goals. I’m sure your goal is more than to be skinny. Right?  Such as better health, to play with your kids with out being out of breath, to not feel sluggish all the time, to break your sugar habit? And yes you want your clothes to fit better…! To successfully start your weight loss journey you will need to take those priorities and set goals.  Two goal setting planners that I have loved on my weight loss journey are:

Fitness Planner by  MyLoveForWords– This is an excellent fitness planner. You will be able to track everything for your weight loss Journey-exercise, food log, goals, measurements, and a note section. Fintness Planner to help aid you in your weightloss journey. #fitness #weightloss

Goals with Grace– Now this is not just a fitness tracker which there is space in the action planner to keep track of all your fitness goals. This is an excellent e-book on how to set goals based on your priorities. Goals with Grace will not only let you set your weight loss goals but will help you plan out other goals that you want to reach. And let’s be honest if your plan on making fitness goals there will be other goals you want to set too!

This week only Goals with Grace is having an early bird special! Get your Copy by June 26th!

3 Ways to Successfully Start Your Weight Loss Journey using Goals with Grace #goalswithgrace #weightloss #healthandfitness



Make sure to Successfully Start Your Weight Loss Journey! It’s a huge step to take! It takes commitment, planning and perseverance!

3 Ways to Successfull Start Your Weight Loss Journey #weightloss #fitness #goals

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