31 Non Food Weight Loss Rewards

Welcome to Weight Loss Wednesdays where I have been sharing my journey and offering some encouragement and tips along the way. Let me just tell you it has been a long week around here again! Not to make excuses or anything!  My daughter is still on the mend from being  very sick and well now I’m not feeling so well…. 
So for this week I have maintained my weight. Which I am glad that I have not gained at all this month!  I have not exercised since last Friday 🙁  But I hope to in the next few days! I’m hoping this cold I have goes away soon! 
As I have been on my weight loss journey keeping motivation is key! One way to keep motivation is to set up rewards as you reach your goals. I have set up different rewards for my goals small and large ones. I never use food as a reward. Why have “junk” food as a reward when I have worked so hard to get where  I am. Finding what motivates you might be different from what motivates me! 

Here is a list of Rewards that you might use as you reach your weight loss goals. I try to have bigger rewards for large goals and small rewards along the way for when I reach those small goals! They’re important too 🙂 
  1. Manicure 
  2. Pedicure 
  3. Hair Cut 
  4. New Book 
  5. A nice long soak in the tub 
  6. New small appliance or electronics  (I have done this one for reaching BIG goals) 
  7. Make up 
  8. Massage 
  9. New Work Out clothes
  10. New Under garments 
  11. Take a nap or sleep in…(if I didn’t have little ones) 
  12. Buy a New water bottle 
  13. Fresh cut flowers 
  14. Girls night out 
  15. New work out equipment or gym membership 
  16. Watch a movie you have been wanting to see
  17. Coffee date with a friend mmm or just by myself (no kids) 
  18. Clean out your closet and donate the ones that are to big now 
  19. Buy fancy lotion or shower gel
  20.  Buy new plants for your garden
  21. Get your rings resized ( I really need to do this one!) 
  22. Hire someone to clean your house 
  23. Sign up for a walking/running event 
  24. Sign up for a class for something you have always wanted to learn
  25. Take new family pictures 
  26. Piece of jewlery 
  27. New purse or bag 
  28. New wall hanging
  29. Items for your hobby
  30. Alone Time (whats that!) 
  31. New Wardrobe 
What rewards have you picked out for when you reach your weight loss goals?
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30 comments on “31 Non Food Weight Loss Rewards

  1. Such a fab list! – I used to go through the cycle of workout, workout, doing great, yay, have a chocolate bar haha it wasn’t until I found ways to reward myself other than with food that the weight actually started coming off and my attitude to food was healthier, i wish I had this list when I started! #fitnessfridays

  2. Non-food rewards are so important. Before I started on my weight-loss journey, food would be my reward. Now, it’s anything but. I just bought myself a new water bottle as a treat…and also to help me drink more water.

  3. oooooo I love these ideas! Im always struggling with weight loss and keep a reward of a new pair of jeans in my back pocket for goal weight…but I need to start setting small goals with rewards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love this! I have my last few pounds of baby weight to lose and I have 3 milestones I’m trying to hit and my first goal reward is a mani/pedi, my second goal reward is some new undergarments 😉 and my third and final goal reward is a little shopping spree to find new clothes that fit!

  5. This is a great list! I’m working on losing the remainder of my baby weight. I’m at the halfway point of my January goal! I’ll have to consult this list when I make it. 🙂

  6. It’s always great to have a goal and nice to reward yourself as a result. I think food is used as a reward for so many, it’s nice to focus on other things.

  7. I love these ideas. When I hit my halfway goal (losing 17 pounds) I want to go have my makeup down professionally and have my face contoured. I think it’s amazing what the before and afters look like.

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