5 After 5 Favorite Organizational Tools


Welcome back to the 5 after 5! After a long week come and share your list of 5! Each week we will have a new topic for the following Saturday! So think of your great 5 After 5 List and come link up with us! This week is favorite Organizational Tools! Staying organized can be such a challenge but having the right tools definitely helps keep you on track!

5 Organizational Tools

5 after 5 Organizational Tools #organization


I just ordered a new Planner! I have to say I love getting an Academic Planner that starts in August. Must be the student/teacher in me! I decided to go with one from Plum Paper this year. They had a great layout and add-on to get what you customize it to your needs!



Note Pads

I stock up on these from our local Christmas Tree Shop! Great for keeping TO DO List, Shopping List and you know those random things that you need to write down so your mommy brain doesn’t forget it later 😉


Considering my last 2 organizational tools I need a good pen…well I’m not to picky but Bic are my favorite ones!

Filing System

I have business out of my home and have to keep all my receipts and bills. I have to stay on top of my filing! I also teach preschool and I keep all my lessons organized my letter and concepts so I can just pull out all my papers for the week and be ready!


Storage Units

I have a small daycare/preschool out of my home so keeping craft supplies on hand, organized is a must. And ALL those toys and books too! I have a pretty good system 🙂 Here’s a little peek into our preschool area and how I keep it organized! The dresser in our play room is where I keep all of the craft supplies 🙂

preschool room 029 preschool room 026 preschool room 025 preschool room 024 preschool room 023 preschool room 020 preschool room 032

preschool room 031




How about you? What are your 5 favorite organizational tools? Link up your blog post or leave me a comment! Happy weekend everyone!!!!

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