5 After 5 Five Things I do Everyday

5 after 5

I decided to take part in Syncopated Mama 5 after 5 series. Each week you share a list of 5 things. Lisa gives a new topic each week! This week is list 5 things you do everyday! There are lots of list of 5 things I do everyday and if you have been around my blog you probably have seen them! So for this list of 5 I thought I would share some fun things I do everyday…well they might just be fun for me!

5 Things I do Everyday!

  1. Drink coffee. OK seriously I have one sometimes two cups of coffee in the morning! My day starts early and I care for a bunch of little ones each day! I want need that cup! Most morning I have one Creamy Bulletproof coffee! Upside I started to use THM sweet blend in it!
  2. My morning routine! I have to do this! Maybe I’m a little OCD about it…not really but it sure does help my day go a lot smoother! It is pretty simple exercise, shower, dressed, dishes way, quick wipe down of bathroom and breakfast and if I have a enough time I will try to fit in a little blogging 🙂  Looking for having a smoother morning? There are 6 ways to Prepare for a smoother morning!
  3. Read! Read! Read!  I love to read so I fit in a few minutes each day! I read to my group of daycare kids each day and read to my little one each night before bed!
  4. Look for new recipes to try! I just got the new THM cookbook so lately pretty much everyday I am looking for a new recipe to try be it from the book or on pinterest. Especially drink recipes! Coffee recipes 😉
  5. Organize. I don’t mean clean but it does happen when I am organizing and this seem to be an everyday task. Both my hubby and I can be pile people! I have really been working on that! Taking care of the piles, organizing and having a proper place for everything! OK so this one is probably not ‘fun’ but oh how I enjoy seeing the finish product when done!

What are 5 things you do everyday? Share them in the comments below or if you’re a blogger you can link up at Syncopated Mama! Happy Saturday!

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4 comments on “5 After 5 Five Things I do Everyday

  1. I love this list! (In general, I love lists.) What fun! My quick 5 would be: 1)pray; 2)eat chocolate (see “Guilty Chocoholic Mama”); 3)power walk (interspersed with a few jogging spurts during which I pray for the jogging spurt to be over); 4)tell my family I love them; 5)”do something” related to my blog. I’m glad to “meet” you again, Samantha…I liked your page awhile ago, so this post ended up in my FB feed, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know you more this morning. I’ve also just met Syncopated Mama, so I feel camaraderie here! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I would say I do your list every day too Elizabeth except for eat Chocolate everyday! I do love me some peanut butter though! I’m so glad you stopped by! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Yippee! So happy to have you join in on the 5 After 5 fun, Samantha! I liked what you said about organizing – how if things are better organized, it’s so much easier to clean! I personally think cleaning is overrated (I grew up in a house where the ENTIRE house was COMPLETELY cleaned every Saturday), but I do like things to generally be neat and tidy, so organizing is high on my happy list. And while I don’t go crazy cleaning, I do like to keep things generally cleanish, so that’s much easier to do when everything looks more organized.

    I hope to see you and your list of five again next week!

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