5 Chores To Do Everyday

5 Chores To Do Everyday #5after5

Welcome back to the 5 after 5! After a long week come and share your list of 5! Each week we will have a new topic for the following Saturday! So think of your great 5 After 5 List and come link up with us! This week is topic is 5 Chores To Do Everyday.

Oh my it seem like the list is ever ending doesn’t as a homemaker? One thing that has really helped me over the years is habits…routines to getting things done.  I’ve been reading Laying Down the Rails for Yourself. By having good habits and a routine will help you even when LIFE HAPPENS! Oh and does life happen. But having a good system of habits  in place can remove the stress and eliminates all the little decisions that need to be made in a day.

5 Chores To Do Everyday

Morning Routine

So this is where habits come in! Create a morning routine that works for you! These are habits/chore that I do every morning and don’t really have to think about it. I do this in the same order Every DAY. Here is my morning routine some are chores and some are actions/things that just need to be done!

  • Wake up at 545 am
  • Read/Study
  • Exercise
  • Get Ready for the Day
  • Make Beds
  • Wipe Down the Bathroom (quick cleaning)
  • Breakfast
  • Dishes
  • Morning Time Basket (devotionals)

5 Chores To Do Everyday #5after5

Evening Routine

Same thing in the evening I still have routine that I follow Every EVENING.

  • Kitchen Clean Up-dishes, counters, floors
  • 15 Min Tidy
  • Daughters bed  Time Routine
  • Preschool Prep
  • Ready for Bed
  • Reading
  • Lights out 10ish

I have to say if all I get to in a day are my morning and evening routine for chores I’m happy! No stress. But here are 3 more chores I do everyday 🙂

  • Trash
  • Floors
  • Decluttering

One of the reason these get done is because I run a daycare out of my home and well there are always people here and I want it clean and nice! Its part of providing a clean, nice atmosphere not just for my daycare but for my family too.


One thing I have learned is that sometimes routines change as life changes and learning to figure out what works. Sometimes it is cutting something out or when you do it.  Here’s a personal example. When to run your dish washer. Most people run it at night and empty in the morning.

I was finding that this was causing me a lot of stress in the morning to get done before parents arrive for drop off and then I was still trying to finish my morning routine before circle time. SO after not starting it one night and then starting it the next after lunch it was really nice!

And then I thought I need to make this my routine. I started to do this on a trial basis and oh it was the best change I made to my routine this year. In the morning I can just load breakfast dishes into the dishwasher and I’m done in 5 min and ready for parents I start it after lunch and empty it during nap time and its ready to go!

Sometimes it just those little things that can make a big difference.

5 Chores To Do Everyday #5after5


Thanks for joining us for 5 after 5 this week! Next week our topic 5 Favorite Christmas Treats/cookies!

What are 5 chores you do everyday? Leave a comment or link up your own 5 after 5 post!




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