5 Home Goals to Accomplish Everday


As a wife and mother my “job” is to be a keeper of my home. There are many areas that I have to look after and care for. Not all of them are listed in this list. These are just 5 home goals to accomplish everyday but really there are more goals than this. I didn’t list all the daily task of raising children, cooking meals, and being a wife. Some of the things I do to keep my home tidy and cared for are list. Here are 5 goals that I try to accomplish everyday in my home but really there are many more!

5 Home Goals to Accomplish Everyday

10 Minutes Tidy Up x2

Clutter can get out of hand really quickly if I don’t stay on top of it. So two times a day I do a 10 minute tidy. I set a timer and I pick up and clean up the clutter.  I start in one room and put away and tidy the room and then move onto the next room taking everything with me that belong in another room. I do this until my 10 minutes is over.  THIS IS NOT A DEEP CLEAN! This is QUICK and just to take care of the clutter. Usually toys I just place in the play room and then at the end of the day of providing daycare in my home we clean up the play room. I have the children clean up toys before going outside, before nap, and before they go home for the day. By doing this twice a day my home stays pretty clutter free.


Out Side Care

OK I am not a gardener but I sure do try to be! I’m so thankful that we have had a rainy summer though 🙂 I water my plants and flowers and my vegetable garden everyday…well every other day! My plants are probably glad when it rains too! Also once a week I use bug repellent and plant food. We have someone come and mow the lawn so before he comes every other week I make sure the outside is picked and ready to go.

Cleaning Schedule

I have a cleaning schedule that I follow. This one is what I do daily throughout the week and my home stays clean when I follow this. Having a routine you follow helps stay on top and not get behind. It becomes second nature. Finding a routine that works for you is the key!

Set the Tone for my Home

It is important to remember that I set the tone for my home. If I want a happy joyful home then I need to be a happy joyful person. If I want my kids to be thankful than I need to be thankful.  I set the example for my children. The tone that I set will affect my hubby and is mood. This is one area that I have to work on consistently. My emotions can get the best of me if I am not careful.  It is my goal to keep the tone of my home happy, joyful, thankful, productive, educational and most importantly Christlike.

A Refuge

I want my home to be a refuge for my family. A place of rest from the world. A place for us to gather together to share our hopes and dreams. A place for us to bond, make memories, and play together.  A place for growth. I want it to be a place my family always enjoys to be.


What are your goals for your home? Do you take time daily to make your home a place where you and your family want to be?


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18 comments on “5 Home Goals to Accomplish Everday

  1. Great attitude! I’d love to encourage you to also remember to save room for Jesus to accomplish these items with you! You don’t have to do it alone, and on days not all 5 goals are met, you’re STILL a fantastic wife/momma!

  2. I love setting timer for a task. It really helps me feel like ok, I can do this for 5 minutes or ten and be finished. Helps me quit procrastinating. I’ve also realized that most cleaning chores that I put off, really don’t take that long if I just do them. And if I want my children to help out and serve our family, I have to set that tone in my own heart. I don’t fold the laundry out of obligation but love. Very important! Great tips!

    1. Yes I find that true to most task don’t take that long at all 🙂 It is important to remember why you are doing the task you are and what is the motivation behind it!

  3. women are instrumental in setting the tone for the day. We may not realize it but we are. When I speak to women’s group I always challenge them to do a test.

    one day be your normal self. whatever it it. the next day be super quiet. nothing special, just super super quiet.

    the effect it has is crazy to see.

    great article


  4. I live on a list. With our ever changing schedules and activities. I have to stay on a schedule. If it wasn’t for my calendar and my to do list I would be lost.

  5. This is a great list! I will be suggesting a couple of these to my parents lol, I love it. Especially, the 10 minute clean-up. Everyone should contribute.

  6. I love that you included being a refuge as a goal for a household to be done every day. It’s hard to remember that is as much a goal as picked up dishes and cleaned toilets… It’s what makes your home your home, not just a place you live in. – Jerusha, TheDisneyChef.com

  7. I’m okay indoors, it’s outdoors I struggle with! Ever since we’ve moved in I’ve been saying we need to sort out the garden, but it’s still just a bare lawn. My goal is to change that this year!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #FridayFrivolity! 🙂

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