5 Marriage Goals to Accomplish Everyday

5 marriage goals to accomplish everyday

Welcome to the second post on five goals I try to accomplish everyday in different areas of my life. Marriage is something that should not be taken lightly. My relationship with my husband is the most important one I have and if your married it should be yours too! Don’t put your marriage on the back burner to other things in life. My hubby needs to come first even before my daughters. There are so many areas of marriage that can be discussed and have priority in life!  What my hubby wants to see every day might be a little bit different from what your hubby wants. It takes time to really know your husband. Take the time! Here are 5 marriage goals I try to accomplish everyday

1.Listen– It is VERY important to listen to your hubby! I really try to be aware that when he is talking to me that he has my full attention. My hubby personally hates it if I’m trying to multitask when he is telling me something important.  Take the time to communicate with your husband everyday.  You always hear that women are talkers but I soooo disagree with that! Really men like to talk 🙂 Women just tend to gossip more. AND my husband likes to communicate with me! And I bet your husband likes to communicate with you.  I bet if women were more open to listening to their hubby’s they would have better communication and better marriages.

2. Interested in what he is into. What does your hubby like to do? What are his hobbies? Taking an interest in what he is interested in will build your marriage and you might even learn something new…and enjoy it! My hubby is really into science and politics and I have learned SO MUCH. My hubby is from England and he know more American history than I do 🙁 By taking the time to have an interest in what he is interested in, will be beneficial in  so many  ways.

3. Respect. All men want respect actually most people want respect. Your hubby should be THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in your life. He should get your up-most respect. Listen to him. Talk to him. Value his onion and insight.

4. Meet your husbands needs. Know what your husbands needs are and meet them. Do the little things that matter to him. Mine likes tea and oatmeal in the morning and likes it ready when he get up. I get up a few hours before my hubby so why not take the time to prepare it for HIM!  Prepare his favorite meals, keep the house picked up and clean. Make sure he has clean clothes to wear. And most importantly meet is sexual needs. Men need that more than women so take time to make that a priority in your marriage!

5. Share the same dreams. Know what your husbands dreams and plans are for life. Share yours! Dream together and make it happen 🙂 We are always doing  project around here! We do them together because they take us closer to our goals and dreams!


What goals do you have for your marriage?

Are you following along in this series?

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