5 Nighttime Goals to Accomplish Everyday

Every night there are things that I like to get done! It helps me sleep better…just kidding..well kinda! I like my life and my house to be clean and organized and ready to go for the next day. I like to be prepared! Here are 5 nighttime goals to accomplish everyday!

5 Nighttime Goals to Accomplish Everyday

1. Kitchen- This is probably the one things that never never gets skipped! Really the kitchen is a happening place all day long and needs a little TLC so that it can run efficiently. It is one of the largest rooms in my home and it leads into several other areas of the house. This is the one room I do not let my daughter leave toys out. I don’t like stepping on them and as it is the main through to other rooms toys just don’t belong in the kitchen 🙂

  • My goals for my kitchen at nighttime are:
  • Dishes Done- dishwasher started
  • Counter Top Wiped off and cleared of any clutter
  • Floor Swept

Most of this I do right after dinner. It usually take me about 15 min! Quick and Easy!

2. 10 Min Tidy Up– Before bed I do one of my 10 minute tidy up of the house. Because I do this throughout the day it usually doesn’t take that long. And I have my daughter do it with me!

3. Plan the Next Day– I take time to look over or add to my to do list, check my calendar and make sure I have a fun activity/craft prepped and planned for my daughter/daycare. In the summer this is pretty easy we spend a lot of time outside playing 🙂 We have a kids swimming pool and water table . SO I only usually do 1 craft and 1 sensory bin a week. Sensory bin might just be the water table. Craft might be something simple like sidewalk chalk, or painting. When we start preschool in the fall there will be more of this to prepare each day.

4. Family Time- This my be as a family or one on one time with each member. It just depends. Usually I do my daughters night-time routine and my Hubby takes her outside to see the moon every night-this is their Daddy Daughter time. My hubby like to talk at night so I try to make it a point to just sit and talk and not worry about what I need to get done…becuase what I really ***NEED*** is to spend time with my hubby 🙂

5. Self Care- This is time to take care of myself to get ready for bed and relax and read for a short amount of time. Here are 5 more Self Care Goals!


Sometimes I don’t get everything done on this list because of working on major projects around our house but usually always #1 and #4 get done!

Here are some other goals I have to help me prepare for a smooth morning!

Do you have nighttime goals that you try to accomplish everyday before you go to bed?


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