5 Parenting Goals to Accomplish Everyday

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I try to be intentional when it comes to parenting. It is hard stuff! Yes there are all the fun things along the way but when it comes to raising a child to become a responsible, respectful, caring adult  it is no easy task. Some of the things on my list are the fun but during those fun times it is also opportunities to teach my child the skills she will need later in life. I’m not raising my child to stay a child, I am raising her to become an adult. Yes, I want her to have a wonderful childhood just like any other parent and would love to give her the moon. But I have to think about the long term goals. How will this help her to be when she is child, teenager, young adult and eventually a parent too?

5 Parenting Goals to Accomplish Everyday

1. Meet her needs

It is important to remember her needs are going to be different from her wants. Just because she wants it doesn’t mean she needs it or good for her. I have to do this as an adult for myself and is it not hard to know or make the right decision DO I really need _____ or is it just a want? Not only to have to make these decisions for me but for my little one. And one day she will have to learn to do this.

There are different areas that she has needs in that I need to make sure are met such as

Physical– food, clothing shelter, physical activity etc…

Emotional- providing an environment where she can learn to express her emotions properly and giving her the guidance she need to do so. Teaching her self -control…hey it not OK to throw a fit on the floor or to scream. It is my responsibility to teach her to express how she feels with words and right actions. AND  I think this is one of the hardest things! I must be consistent in this as her mother! I don’t want to raise an brat who thinks that she can have anything that she wants or do whatever if she just throws a fit, mommy will give it to me. We don’t always get what we want in life and children need to learn the word no because they will hear it the rest of their lives…

Intellectual I am responsible for my child’s education. I need to make sure she is getting what she needs to grow intellectually. If your child is older and goes to school (mine is only 2) YOU THE PARENT are still responsible that they are getting what they need intellectually all responsibility does not fall on the teacher and school.

Social- children need to be taught social skills and they need opportunities to practice these skills. I don’t think that it only has to be with their age group. You hear it all the time
about homeschoolers how will they get the social skills that they need? Well when my child is an adult most likely she will not only be social with people ALL the same age as her. So she needs social skills to work/deal with people younger, same age and older. There can be a lot written about social skills kids need to learn but at this point we are working on acknowledging other people and answering when spoken to. She is learning to interact with other kids too.

Spiritual- It is my responsibility to make sure my child’s spiritual needs are being met. As Christians this is the most important area! God has intrusted this child to me to raise for HIM! I don’t want to pass on just head knowledge about religion to my child but reach her heart with the knowledge of a personal Savior.

2. Read

It is my goal to read to my child everyday. We read fun books, learning book, and listen to audio books everyday. I want her to have a love for  books and learning. Really there is not a day that goes by that we do not read. AND of course she is at the age where we reread the same book 100 times. We are also participating in 1000 Books before Kindergarten. We are at 150 books(that not including repeats)!

3.  Providing opportunities for Creativity

Usually each day we will do an activity such as play doh, sensory bins or a craft. But being creative can fall into other areas too such as dress up, playing house etc. Right know because it is summer we are outside a lot! We use our water/sand table everyday. My daughter is also into pretend cooking and playing babies. She finds ways to be creative with this all on her own! Because I do daycare out of my home I have baby items out and you will find a baby doll or stuffed animal in the bouncy, pack n play, swing etc…


4. Play with My Child

I take Time to play with my daughter everyday. But I am definitely not one of those parents that entertains my child all day long. She need to learn to entertain herself and I need to get things done. She is actually pretty good at this. Sometimes it is just setting up an activity for her, playing for a few minutes and then she is good to go. Children learn through play so I want to take the opportunity to teach her skills while she is playing! It keeps learning fun 🙂

5. Cuddling

I take time to cuddle with my little munchkin! She loves to sit in the rocking chair and read. I love on her through out the day! I want Her to know that I love her and that she is important to me. It gives me time to just listen to what she has to say without any interruptions.  It is our one on one time!


These are 5 Parenting Goals I accomplish everyday…or should I say I do my best. Parenting is hard  but parenting should be done intentionally.

What parenting goals do you try to accomplish everyday?

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12 comments on “5 Parenting Goals to Accomplish Everyday

  1. i think okay is so very important! So many parents these days just throw iPads at there kids. I’m all about iPads for educational use, but it’s not the same as actually playing with your child! Sit down and play 😉 it can be fun 😉

    1. We don’t do electronics at the age we are at right now! Yes they learn so much when we get down on their level with them! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I appreciate this list. I completely agree, especially with reading and being creative. Both things I want to do more of with my little ones.

  3. These are wonderful goals and ones I have been lacking in lately because I get too focused on the computer. I spend time with the children, as we do homeschool, but I get distracted by the computer and forget to play with them. Thank you for this reminder.
    This would fit perfectly with my Littles Learning Link Up. It is a weekly post filled with craft and activity ideas, tips, guest posts, and round ups all revolving around young children (infant through young elementary). I invite you to stop by and share.
    Have a great day.

  4. Great list, Samantha! I love that you start with “meet her needs.” The sense of security you give your daughter by doing this makes everything else count so much more! As a mom of older girls, I remember the days when your list was my list. #1 is still top priority, and I was just holding my 17-year-old on my lap (!), doing #5 before she DROVE off to school this morning. But these days, my daughters take care of #2, 3, and 4 themselves via their schedules: reading for school, music for band, and dance for enjoyment! Blessings on your day, sweet mama!

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