A Simple Christmas Bucket List

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We like to keep the holidays simple around here. We love to spend time as a family and remember what the holidays are truly for. We started a few different traditions last year, but with my daughter almost about to be 3 it will be great to include her in more activities this year! I wanted to have A Simple Christmas Bucket list. It can be so easy to get caught up in the season that we forget to slow down and enjoy the important things…our family and friends and the Christ of Christmas. So as I was thinking about what I wanted to do this Christmas season one thing was for sure…keeping it simple. Relaxed. Fun. So with no further ado

A Simple Christmas Bucket List

Truth in the Tinsel.

This is the first year that we will complete and advent count down.  I really wanted to do a count down with my daughter and I wanted it to be bible based. I want her to know the reason why we celebrate Christmas and start to teach her the meaning of Christmas. She loves to do crafts so this will be a great hands on way to learn the bible story! Click here to get your own copy.

Advent Study Keeping our Hearts focused on Jesus

I Love that this study is about keeping our hearts focused on Jesus during the Christmas season. It gives a small devotional to read and then weekly activities you can do as family or with your children. Not sure if we will complete every activity but we will do what we can! Find it here.

Decorate house for Christmas

We wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate! But I did pull out my decorations the Friday after! We love Christmas lights and tinsel around the house. We don’t do a Christmas tree but over the years I have learned how to still decorate up the house!

Christmas Bucket List

Make Christmas Cookies  and Reindeer Food

We make sugar and gingerbread cookies. I usually make Oreo Balls too! I also like to make reindeer food and puppy chow. We give to some to our neighbors and friends. This year we will also give some to all of our daycare families. So lots of baking to do!

Read several Christmas Stories with my daughter

We will take a trip to the library here soon and pick out some Christmas stories to read. I might even purchase 1-2 to add to our bookshelves.

Make  Christmas crafts with my daughter and daycare kids

These are just some ideas! We will fit in as many Christmas crafts as we can!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Candy Cane

Ginger Bread Man

Fingerprint crafts

Paper Plate Ornament

Spiral Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Paper Plate Crafts

Winter Crafts

DIY Crayon Drip Holiday Ornament

Toddler Christmas Ornament

Go visit friends in Maine

OK we use to go to Maine for Christmas but last year we really wanted to stay home and start some of our own family traditions. So we are going to go visit before Christmas.

Listen to Christmas Music

Check Check Check! Christmas music has been playing for the last couple of weeks. BUT I do want to start teaching my little one some of the traditional Christmas songs!

Go look at Christmas Lights

We do not decorate the outside of our house…call me lazy but it is too much work! But I am so glad other people do! This will be our first year to go out and look at lights! My little one will LOVE it!

Enjoy time together as a family!

This is the one the best things about Christmas! Enjoying time together as a family and creating memories! My hubby is planning on taking some time off work so we will have some extra time around Christmas. We tend to be home bodies so we enjoy chatting and playing with our little one!

Do you keep the holidays simple? Remember to enjoy this time and not to make it stressful! Keep A Simple Christmas Bucket List!

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  1. This is a great list! Your daughter is going to have a simply amazing Christmas! I wish I could go visit Maine this year. I grew up there and two of my sisters still live there. Have an amazing trip and a blessed holiday season!

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