Beginning of the Terrafit Challenge

Terrafit Challenge

Welcome to the Beginning of the Terrafit Challenge! I’ve been waiting for this challenge to start! I prepared and planned and now it is time to put it all into action! This is the first week of the challenge and we are on day 3! So far so good. I have been able to follow the exercise program and stay on track of healthy eating!

Each week I will be sharing 

  • What I Ate
  • Exercise I did
  • Oils I used
  • Motivation I found
  • Pictures each week of progress

I’m  posting everything that I am doing  to bring me more accountability and hopefully give my readers some motivation! I hope that you stick around for the journey over the next 12 weeks.  I will sharing the previous weeks progress each week.

Danielle from Snippets of Inspiration and I will be hosting a giveaway at this time! Stay tuned for more information!!! Hint…we will be giving away doTERRA products…

Starting Pics

Week 1

Apparently I need to work on facial expressions when taking pictures :/ (These were the better ones out of the whole lot.)

Starting Stats/Measurements

Pounds to lose 32+ (I want to lose at least 32 but I could definitely lose more than that!)

Neck 13 1/2 in

Bust 42

Chest 35

Waist 42

Hips 48

L Arm 12 1/2

R Arm 13

L Thigh 26 1/2

R Thigh 26

L Calf 17

R Calf 17


 Motivational Quotes

“It’s the start that stops most people.”

“The beginning is always the hardest don’t give up on yourself.”


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