Big Happy Planner Routine and Habit Tracker

Big happy planner insert

 Routine and Habit Tracker Insert

This year instead of bullet journaling I decided to use a Happy Planner because I just don’t always have the time to draw out all the boxes. I just wanted something that was ready to use. But to make things a little bit easier I made myself a routine and habit tracker insert.

One of the things I love about the Happy Planner is that you can add or take out your own pages! LOVE!!! It does mean you need a special hole puncher. I just bought the arch one from staples for $11.


I created my tracker in word set it up to fit my specific needs. Some ladies on Instagram wanted one. Here it is for free!

  • Download and print.
  • Fold in half
  • Laminate
  • Hole punch
  • And ready to insert into your Big Happy Planner.

happy planner routine and habit tracker

Click here for my Routine and Habit Tracker


Click here  for a Blank Routine or Habit Tracker

I have found for marking on this that a wet erase marker (you know the ones used on overhead projectors) works best. Won’t smudge like dry erase and comes off with a wet paper towel or baby wipe  🙂

Best thing is I can move this to the current week!

Happy Planning!

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