Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad

Good Morning!!!! It is 6 am here and I am ready to go!!! 🙂 With trying to lose weight I eat a high protein breakfast. Especially because I have just finished exercising too!  How do I get A LOT of healthy veggies into my diet? Well lots of ways really!  I eat them for breakfast. 🙂
The first time someone suggested Breakfast Salad I thought you have got to be kidding! Well don’t knock something until you have tried it! This was soooo Delicious 🙂
1 1/2 Cups Romain Lettuce
3/4 Cup Fresh or Frozen Peppers and Onions Chopped
1/2 Cup Fresh Mushroom Chopped
2 Teaspoons Butter
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Minced Garlic to Taste
2-3 Eggs
In a skillet melt your butter over medium heat. You can use less butter if you want. I have stainless steel pans and everything sticks unless you use lots of butter or oil. Add in mushrooms, peppers, onions, salt and pepper to your liking, and minced garlic. I probably use 1 1/2 tablespoons of garlic! I LOVE GARLIC! You may not, so use as much or as little as you like. Use what is best for you! AND remember to brush your teeth afterwards.  😉  Saute veggies until they are a golden brown. While you are sautéing the veggies, cut up your lettuce and place on a plate. I really don’t measure out my lettuce so above is an estimate. Once your veggies are done sautéing, place them on top of your bed of lettuce. In your pan place a little more butter if you’re using stainless steel, if you’re using non stick pans you won’t need anymore butter. Fry up your eggs. Cook the eggs over easy. You want the yoke to be your “dressing” on your salad. Place the eggs on top of your veggies. You can add nutritional yeast to your eggs too!
DSC_0007 (2)
I cut up my eggs and then mix everything together!  Now enjoy some healthy Breakfast Salad!

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10 comments on “Breakfast Salad

  1. a hint about cooking on those stainless steel pots that I have discovered… get the pot hot first! then add butter! then add food. Works like a charm, but then I do not think 2 t. is too much. I’m trying this breakfast this morning. Thanks!

  2. I think I will try this salad using spinach. Something about spinach seems more breakfast-y. Have you tried it?

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