Should you join a christian women's fitness challenge #faithfulfinishlines #weightloss #health #fitness

Should You Join a Christian Women’s Fitness Challenge

Should you join a Christian Women’s Fitness challenge? There are so many weight loss challenges out there how can you know which one will be good for you? Actually I have tried a couple of others but there’s something different about Faithful Finish Lines. It’s specifically for Christian Women! Reasons To Consider Joining Faithful Finish […]

Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp. Taking small steps to make big changes! #weightloss #health #fitness

Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp

Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp Losing weight isn’t easy. Following a diet can be hard… it’s not that knowing what to do is hard it is sticking with it. Making it a lifestyle a habit to choose healthy over what we like or want. But as you start to change your habits and they become […]

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