The Biggest Enemy You Will Face Everyday While Losing Weight. How do you face your enemy? #weightloss #fitness #health

The Biggest Enemy You Face While Losing Weight

Losing weight is no easy task. It takes a lot of termination, commitment, perseverance. More than most people are aware of. You might be on your weight loss journey and think the biggest enemy you face while losing weight is food, time, procrastination, physical aliments. But I have to tell you those might be obstacles […]

10 Ways Not to Gain the Holiday Bulge

You know everyone during the holiday season seems to worry about gaining the holiday bulge….5 lbs maybe or more! Or don’t worry about it and just throw up their hands in the air and give into reckless abandon…who needs to diet during the holidays!  We get into this feast mode at thanksgiving and it just […]

Finding Time to Exercise while on the Road

Welcome to Motivated Mondays! Today Christy a friend from college is guest posting. Right now she is on the road a lot traveling for deputation. She is sharing some tips on how to find time to exercise while traveling… Trying to exercise on deputation has not been easy. It takes determination that’s for sure! After […]

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