3 Ways Mothers Can Help Their Children Be Learners Contributor post on CHK #homeschooling #motherhood #lifetimelearners

3 Ways Mothers Can Help their Children be Learners

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading on homeschooling. You would think with all the reading and looking at different styles/curriculum I’ve done, that I would have the next 15 years of my daughter’s education figured out. There is so much information out there! Where does education start? And how […]

Preschool Year 1 Weeks 8 through 10

I have been behind on sharing what we have done for preschool since the beginning! So this week I am trying to do a little catch up. With that being said I don’t have all the activities we have done photographed! Hopefully this will get me caught up so next week and I share everything […]

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