3 Ways Mothers Can Help Their Children Be Learners Contributor post on CHK #homeschooling #motherhood #lifetimelearners

3 Ways Mothers Can Help their Children be Learners

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading on homeschooling. You would think with all the reading and looking at different styles/curriculum I’ve done, that I would have the next 15 years of my daughter’s education figured out. There is so much information out there! Where does education start? And how […]

Food and your Kids: Implementing a healthy Diet

So, have you started reading the labels on your kids foods more since my last post? If you missed reading the last post, you can find it here. Discover the three most important ingredients I look out for in my kids’ foods and why I don’t want my girls to eat them. This post will be outlining some of […]

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