Christmas Gift guide Keeping Preschoolers Active

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Coming up with a gift guide for the Blogmas has not been easy!  I have the hardest time coming up with gift ideas maybe it is just me. Well with my little one we don’t do battery operated joys…there just annoying and well they don’t necessarily learn much from them. We like toys that help her to think, create, and learn. We probably take more of a Montessori style when it comes to toys and learn.  We already have a lot of toys and craft supplies because of doing a daycare out of my home. We also don’t go over board on Christmas. Usually one big toy, a couple of books, some clothing. This year I want to get a couple of game I that she should be able to play. But especially toys that will keep her active!

For Christmas this year I want to be able to give her toys that will help her stay active. Especially with winter and being inside she has so much energy to get out! I don’t know about you but I find if I do have to expel some of that energy she doesn’t nap well, and ends up being cranking in the evening so here it is!

Christmas Gift Guide Keeping Preschoolers Active

christmas guide to keep preschoolers active

Little Tyke 3′ Trampoline

My little one LOVES to bounce. I mean she will sometimes still sit in the baby jumperoo and bounce she likes it that much. She is way to big for it almost being 3 so this was first on our list this year. I know my friend bought this on sale for my daughter so now I have been trying to come up with that I want to give her now!

So next on the list is between the Moluk Bilibo or the Teeter Popper

I think these look like a lot of fun, great for open-ended play, balance and coordination.  Which one would you get??

Space Hopper ball

My daughter loves to bounce so one of this would be great too!

Gong riverstones or hilltops

These work on balance and c ordination too. Think we could come up with some great games with these.

Hopscotch Carpet

This looks like fun but I think I even saw one on pinterest that you could make yourself.

Find Me Multi-colored Tunnel

We already have a tent that gets use all the time. This would be a great addition.

What  gifts would you get your preschool or any age child to keep them active?

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2 comments on “Christmas Gift guide Keeping Preschoolers Active

  1. My niece is also three and for her birthday last month we filled a chest with Halloween costumes of Princess’s and several others which we got on clearance after Halloween. She loves it and it keeps her super busy! She is constantly dressing up and playing the part or acting out scenes from which ever movie her current character is in. It’s so sweet! Just thought your little girl might enjoy something like that too! Great list! Merry Christmas!

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