Christmas Traditions and A Giveaway

12 Days of Blogmas HeaderWhen my Hubby and I got married we wanted to be intentional about the Christmas traditions that we have..or any holiday for that matter. We both come from non-Christian families and knew there were traditions that we didn’t want to have for our own family. It can sometimes be hard to ”come out from among them them” to be ”to be different from the world” and really if you look at the church a lot of them *most* are not that different from the world and still hold the same traditions. We do not celebrate the holidays with our extended families not because we don’t love them but because we don’t want the influence they would have in our home. Each person and family should take the time to evaluate the traditions that they hold and why.

Two major traditional Christmas favorites that we don’t do are Santa and a tree.  I think this post here really sums up why we don’t do Santa. And we don’t do a tree because of the history. It was a Babylonian pagan tradition/worship. I had personally never really thought about that one but it is something my hubby feels really strongly about. And the tree becomes the focal point in many homes. He didn’t want it to become that. So with that being said we do still decorate the house… with lights, tinsel, and a nativity set.

Last year was the first year that we decided to stay home and celebrate Christmas with just us…really for the purpose of creating our own traditions! As our daughter is almost 3 we have added a few different traditions this year!


Christmas Traditions

Advent Count Down- We have been doing Truth in the Tinsel this year. LOVE IT! Doing a craft each night can be a little hard so we have been doing one about every other night this year. We have read the Christmas story and been memorizing one truth each night.  Example day 1. Jesus is the Light of the World. If you’re looking for and Advent count down this one is wonderful!

Read the Christmas Story- We take time remembering the true meaning of Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Christ. He is the best gift of all!

Go look at Christmas Lights- This one was a new one this year! It was so much fun and my little one loved going and looking at the lights.

Giving Gifts- We take time to give gifts to friends and neighbors. There is delight in giving to others. I am going to do some of Larissa’s 12 days of Giving this year. I think this is a wonderful idea and a way to be intentional in reaching others at Christmas time.  I hope to join this next year fully!

Christmas Baking-This is definitely be more fun this year with my little one making Christmas cookies and decorating them! We give most of them away to neighbors and friends.

Doughnuts- So on Christmas morning we open stockings and then have homemade Christmas doughnuts before opening gifts.

English Breakfast- My hubby is from England so we have a big traditional English breakfast…really it like everything but the kitchen sink!

Family Time- We really just spend the day together and enjoy our family time!

What are your family’s Christmas Traditions?

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