Creamy Flavored Bulletproof Coffee

I’m sure you all heard the rave about bulletproof coffee right? I tried it a few times and just didn’t care for it. I love cream in my coffee and flavored coffee….really I love Starbucks coffee. Let be honest though my wallet and waist do not love Starbucks!  The one thing I did love about the bulletproof coffee is the nice froth on top. So I toyed with the idea of adding a few other things to this bulletproof coffee to make it to my liking! I found that I love it! And it is cheaper than going to Starbucks!


Creamy Flavored Bulletproof Coffee

First off, you need some hot freshly brewed coffee about 12 oz. I make 3 “cups” in the little coffee pot and that seems to be a good amount.

While my coffee is brewing I add the other ingredients to my blender:

1 TBS Coconut Oil (Organic Virgin, unrefined)

1 TBS Butter

2 TBS Heavy Cream

2 TBS of  DaVinci Zero Calorie Flavored syrup ( I like hazelnut or caramel)

coffee ingredients

***I know splenda  is not a great choice of sweetener! but in one cup of coffee once in a while I use it instead of sugar. I have tried other things like stevia and extract and I just don’t like it! I just want to enjoy my morning cup of coffee! Use whatever sweetener and flavor your coffee how you like!***

If you follow THM than this would be an S drink. (and yes I know splenda is not a plan approved sweetener see note above 🙂 )


Once my coffee is done brewing I add it to the blender. I pulse blend everything together for about 20 seconds. Be careful,hot items in a blender seem to spill out if I’m not careful…maybe it just me 😉  Just look at all that yummy froth!!!!


Pour coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy your morning cuppa of creamy flavored bulletproof coffee 🙂

How do you love to have your coffee in the morning?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I just love yummy coffee. I make something similar to this, but instead of cream, I use protein powder and I use stevia for sweetner. It is also THM style. So good. I am going to pin this.

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