Ghost Mud Sensory Bin

Every week I try to do a sensory bin with my daughter. She loves them 🙂 but what 2-year-old wouldn’t right!!! Most of the time I do the basic ingredients water, ice, rice, noodles or dried beans. You have got to love pinterest! There are so many good ideas on there. And one day I thought I found the perfect one! Ghost Mud! Yes that’s right Ghost mud. It looked super fun~ Fun to make, and fun to play with! I love playing with my daughter! So I decided to get out all the ingredients and make it that morning!

ghost mud pic

We live in the New England area. So it’s still kinda chilly out so doing sensory bins in the kitchen is a great way to do a fun activity when we can’t go outside that is something special! It breaks up our normal routine…well doing a sensory bin once a week is starting to be a routine 🙂 You can find the original post for ghost mud here! Really check out her post. I should have  paid closer attention to her pictures….

Making ghost mud is really easy! Easy peasy!

First, unroll a whole roll of toilet paper with your little ones. This was fun and took some time with my 2-year-old! We actually didn’t use a whole roll. Probably about 3/4 of a roll. Then when you are done taking it off the roll you need to rip it into small pieces. OK so because it was just me and my 2-year-old I did a lot of ripping. She just kinda watched me and was unsure about it! Eventually she did a little bit!

Secondly, break up 1 bar of Ivory soap in pieces and mix with one cup of water Stir it until it become foamy. Mix it with your Toilet Paper in your bin. I needed more water than a cup.

Now let the fun begin. And it was fun! Lots of fun! We added cups, spoons and dinosaurs to our ghost mud sensory play. My daughter probably played with this for a good hour and a half off and on.

So making this took about a half hour add that to the play time and your total comes to 2 hours of fun! We played together for some of the time and she also played by herself.

ghost mud

All was fine and dandy until the clean up….

I tried to keep my daughter just in the kitchen with it but she escaped down the hall, in the living room and a little bit into the dinning room…

Do you see what the ingredients are…

Do you know what it is like to clean  up spit wads…

Yep! that’s what it was cleaning up spit wads~ some dry, some wet…

Did you look at Happy hooligans photos?

They are outside and for good reason!

Lesson learned!

Ghost mud becomes spit wad clean up!

Would I make a ghost mud  sensory bin again?


Just outside where clean up would not be a problem!

and yes… my daughter has on dress up clothes too!

What type of sensory bins do you like to do?  Have you ever had an experience  like mine?

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  1. This looks like so much fun! And what a great way to spend time with your little one. Thanks for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  2. Ooh what a fun idea! So glad you shared your advice about being outside…I wouldn’t have realized that either! Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday – Hope to see you there again this week!

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