Goals for 2016

2016 goalsSo much for having my goals up and ready by the 1st! That was my goal…but I was really taking my time to consider my goals. I also wanted to write out the why and how for each goal. Setting smart goals is best! This also helped me to set time frames of when I want to reach my goals!

Goals for 2016

Family Goals

  • My hubby and I talked about what we wanted our goals as a family to be and it is self-care. To take the time to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and not just being busy all the time.
  • 2 Big Family Outings. We did one to the Boston Aquarium this past year and our daughter loved it! We want to do a few bigger family outings this coming year!

Marriage Goal

  • To spend quality time together planning and dreaming so that we can reach our long-term goals and grow closer to each other.

Parenting Goal

  • Spend quality time with my daughter
  • Consistent in boundaries/discipline
  • Character Building

Goals for my Daughter

  • Preschool 4x a week
  • Chores- making bed, picking up after self, learning to do daily self-care skills
  • Memorize 1 New Bible verse a month

House Goals

  • Finish Painting inside of house (1 room to go!!)
  • Declutter and organize-We have rearranged how and where we have kept thing the last few months and as you organize one area things get piled in another room. So I need to do some major reorganizing!
  • Cleaning-stay on top of it.
  • Homey decor

Personal Goals

  • Self Care-Taking the time to make sure I am taking care of myself in all areas- spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental!
  • Lose Weight- This is my big goal, probably my main focus which really falls under self-care. You can join me or follow along on Wednesdays!
  • Blogging- I do this for fun and it is a goal to continue and learn more about blogging!
  • Reading- I have set up a reading challenge for myself this coming year and plan on sharing it! I love to read so not a hard goal to reach 😉


I didn’t share my whys or hows but some of them are pretty explanatory! I think knowing my why on my personal goals was the most important step for me to figure out.

Have you set your goals for this coming year? Would love to hear what they are, leave me a comment 🙂

2016 Goals 2

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2 comments on “Goals for 2016

  1. Good luck with your 2016 goals! I didn’t include a reading resolution in my own 2016 Goals blog post, but my goal is to finally get though all the books I own but have yet to read. I’m looking forward to following along with your goal progress this year!

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