Health Goals and the Holidays

Healthy Goals and the Holidays #health #weightloss

We are in that time a year again…the Holiday Season. And oh how we love the holidays! Spending time with family and friends the celebrations. It can be one the busiest times of year. One that is also filled with gatherings and with the gathering come food and usually not a whole lot of healthy with them.

One of my goals is to keep on keeping on with my health goals. But how to go about that with the holidays? It does seem to be a time of year the derails many from reaching their health goals or even trying.

It is so easy to just say I will start again come January 1st. But then we have another  10 lbs to lose if we’re not careful.

Tips for maintaining your Health Goals During the Holidays

Modify Your Goals

Maybe you have large goals for each week. During the busy holiday season set mini goals that you KNOW you can commit to. Such as 20 minutes of exercise everyday instead of 45 min.  Be realistic in what your schedule will allow you to fit in.  Don’t drop your exercise schedule all the way even a little bit is better than none.

Eat as healthy as you can and at home as much as possible. There will always be temptations for snacky foods and desserts…Christmas cookies anyone? Make goals to make sure your still getting in your veggies! Get goals to still keep your food journal, eat a healthy breakfast and limit your sugar intake. But still give yourself grace to celebrate the season with moderation in mind. Christmas is a day not a month.

Work on Habits

“Habits are like the grease for the wheels of life.”-Laying Down the Rails for Yourself.

They say it take 21 days to form a habit but only THREE to break it! Keep working on the good habits you have formed during your weight loss journey. Don’t drop them all and think I will start again January 1st! Keep working on those habits keep them in place 🙂

Plan Ahead

Know your schedule and plan the day. Plan your healthy meals and schedule your exercise. Know when you will be at Christmas parties and gatherings. One thing I have learned with planning is I can plan all I want but you must follow through with your plan! One thing I have worked on menu planning more consistantly. Which during the holiday season will help with keeping track with my health goals 🙂

Give Yourself Grace

I think it is to be hard on ourselves and to have a big guilt trip because…we had a cookie. Remember to enjoy the holidays with family and friends without the guilt! No guilt but mindfulness, planning and with your goals in mind.

Staying focused on my health goals is a priority for me this holiday season and these are some of the things I plan to do to reach them! How do you plan on staying on track with your health goals this holiday season?

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

maintaining your health goals during the holidays #health #weightloss

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