Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 39

Healthy Fit 'n Lean 2016 13 Weeks until the end of the year. Will you join me in finishing the year out strong and reaching your fitness goals? #goals #weightloss #fitness

I started out the year planning on blogging my progress, failures and victories but changed it about a quarter of the way through because I started to write a series. But the truth is I wanted to do a weekly post to keep myself accountable…to have a record of how well I was really doing. And I quit the weekly updates. And as the year has gone on I have got lackadaisical with my working out. I haven’t been consistent with my exercise and I have had off plan foods a long the way.

I want to finish the year out strong

I want to reach my goals

I want to follow my own advise that I have shared here on my blog! I write for me 🙂 And I just hope it is a blessing to you too

I want to keep myself accountable

There are 13 Weeks left in the Year 2016

13 Weeks to Stay Focused on My Goals

13 Weeks to Get Healthy

13 Weeks To Get in Shape

13 Weeks to Change Habits

13 Weeks to Prepare for 2017

I don’t have to wait until Jan 1st to start.

I don’t have to wait until Monday (or next week)

I don’t have to wait until tomorrow

I can start right now!

Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 39 Goals


Next week I will post on Sundays what my plan for exercise is and my Menu. My menu will be THM friendly 🙂 I am starting this week! I just am bad a menu planning but I will have one up next week 😀  I will also post my progress.


My goals are to do an hour of exercise every morning. Cardio being done everyday and Toning 3x a week. I plan on Doing Mom’s into Fitness Postnatal SlimDown but am going to change her calendar up to fit my goals. I will post next week what I am doing. The first two weeks of this DVD is on YouTube if you would like to join me.  Your fitness goals might be different from mine but finding something that works for you is key. I love her DVDs they are worth every penny.  I really have realized that if I really want to take off the weight I need to exercise more than just 20-30 minutes. But more importantly I need to eat healthy… “you can’t out exercise and bad diet.”

Menu Planning

I have always been bad a planning a menu and following it. We usually to keep certain items on hand and just decide the night before what meat to take out and use it the next day. I plan on really following a plan and will post it for you!  I will become an expert menu planner before the year is out 😉


I plan on drinking a gallon of water a day. My goal is to be done by 730 pm every night so I’m not trying to jug a lot in before bed time…I don’t want to get up multiple times to use the bathroom 😀


I have been all off routine for the last few months. The last couple of weeks I have worked on getting onto a better routine this includes going to bed and getting up at a good time for me. I will share my different routines in the weeks to come. I find that getting up having a cup of coffee and then exercising first thing in the morning really helps me to start my day off right and that I have more energy throughout the day. And I always say to my husband why did I stop doing this!

Will you join me in getting Healthy Fit ‘n Lean for the last 13 weeks of the year 2016?

Healthy Fit 'n Lean 2016 13 Weeks until the end of the year. Will you join me in finishing the year out strong and reaching your fitness goals? #goals #weightloss #fitness

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