Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 41

THM Menu and Exercise Plan for week 41 #thm #weightloss

It’s hard to believe that there are only 11 more weekend until the end of the year! I feel like it has just gone by so fast!  Are you ready for week 41? Below you will find my menu plan and exercise plan for this week. I will also give a quick update on how I did the week before.

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Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 41


Last week started out great but didn’t end well. I would say over all I would give myself a c+ But honestly I’m giving myself some grace. I ended up getting sick on Friday and am still a little bit under the weather. That’s why this didn’t go out last night.  I plan to stay on track with my eating and pick up exercising again tomorrow. I’m not going to let this get me side track from my goals. I just maintained my weight last week no loss or gain.


For week 41 I’m keeping it a little bit simple this week. I do want to try some new recipes. I want to get into the habit of prepping more on the weekends so the rest of the week goes more smoothly with less cooking!

Here is this weeks meal plan. It’s mainly S meals this week. Page numbers go with the Trim and Healthy Mama Cook Book. I tried to put page numbers or links to recipes I am using.  I don’t always follow recipes like for cobb salad or how I cook my roast. But it is all on plan.  I put options for snacks not that I will eat all of those snacks everyday. My hubby is really against snacking. Afternoon tea (he’s from England) is ok but to have snacks or snack between meals he doesn’t like or want as part of out diet.  So we have tea about 330 😉

You Will have to download it to get access to the links. Click here to download!

Also my hubby doesn’t eat THM so I included what I do for him or do for me. A lot of times it is just making an extra side of potatoes for him and he is happy!

Drinks: I try to have one THM all day sippers to change-up from just drinking water. And I usually always have a cup of coffee first think in the morning! This is my favorite right now!

Note:  I tend to stick to Deep S meals as I usually will lose weight more easily that way. That’s me you might need more E meals. I do try to keep snacks small and closer to a FP. To keep meals a Deep S and not a heavy S leave out cheeses and nuts.

THM Menu Plan

Week 41

THM Menu and Exercise Plan for week 41 #thm #weightloss


My exercise plan is right on my meal plan. Lindsey Brin gives a calendar to follow with her DVDs. I have done Phase 1 on of this DVD for a while. I’m kinda speeding up the calendar for me. I’m also making my workout longer that what she has. Her calendar does toning one day, cardio the next. You can do cardio everyday. I am also aiming to closer to an hour of exercise- 40 min of cardio and/or toning, warm up, cool down and core. This is what I am doing which might not be a good fit for you. I love her DVDs and her calendar is great too. Find what is right for you! I’m doing her Postnatal Slimdown DVD.

Healthy Fit 'n Lean 2016 week 41 Exerice plan #fitness #weightloss
Photo Credit: MIF Lindsey Brin


For week 41 I’m going to be working on the same goals as last week!

I plan on aiming for 100 oz of water a day

Working on Reading It Starts with Food

Keeping myself motivated!

Going to Bed and Getting up at the same time everyday!

Loose 2 lbs.

Motivated Mondays Inspiration to keep on going in your weight loss journey #motivation #fitness


Thanks for stopping by! If your on a weight loss journey too I would love to hear how you are doing and what you are doing to reach your goal! Leave me comment below!

THM Menu and Exercise Plan for week 41 #thm #weightloss





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