Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 5

healthy fit 'n lean 2016 week 5

Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 5

Recap from last week I maintained my weight loss but lost nothing new. This last weekend was a mess again! We rent out our downstairs. We got a new tenant and she moved in two weekends ago and then moved out the next weekend. She didn’t like hearing kids above her.  So my weekend was a little stressful but  it ended well. I stay on track with my goals. We have decided for now to be done renting for a while which I am glad because now I can exercise in my living room in the early mornings again. I feel like lately it has just been one thing after another! Do you ever feel that way? Well here we go with week 5 of another  Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016!

Made to Crave (by Lysa Terkeurst)

Chapter 4  Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Before Thinking

This chapter is about having accountability! Oh don’t we all need that! I sure do!!! That is one of the reasons I blog.

“For me, one of the most effective accountability measure has been mutually tracking progress with friends.”  I personally don’t have any close friends that are trying to lose weight. That is one reason why I blog and participate in fitness groups online.

“Friends help us remember that what we’re giving up in the short-term will help us get what we really want in the long-term.”

She makes the point if we are accountable to someone else we are not going to be able to hide the cheats and it will help us to stay on track with our eating plan! Lysa and her friends motto was, “If it’s not part of our plan , we don’t put it in our mouths.”

Accountability is crucial!

I think keeping an accurate food log also helps us to be accountable to ourselves too 🙂


Last week I exercised 4 times but didn’t get on my treadmill at all.  My new exercise goals are below!


Oops 🙂 I  didn’t make a menu this weekend 🙁 I am terrible at following a menu to be honest not my strong point as a homemaker at all! I do keep the house stocked so there are lots of healthy choices. Usually break fast is eggs and veggies (s) Lunch is salad(s) or smooth(e). And  dinner is meat and veggies (s or FP) I will have a menu next week!


My goal is to lose 35 lbs at least. My goal for January was to lose 10 lbs. I lost 3.5.  Even though I didn’t reach my goal of 10 I still would like to aim for 10 in February.

Healthy eating- For February I plan on following Trim Healthy Mama still. I need to work at being more consistent with logging my food. I do follow my menu for the most part put I want to be more accountable to writing it down every time I eat through out the day.

Exercise- I would like to complete Moms into Fitness DVD Workout schedule for their Postnatal Slimdown DVD. I have a lot of her DVDs and this one I have not followed her schedule for yet. I usually just pick whatever DVD sounds good each morning. I want to follow a schedule 🙂 I also want to complete 20 miles on the tread mill through out the month along with being consistent in following an ab routine.

Drinking water- I would like to drink close to a gallon of water a day. That’s a huge goal! They say to take your body weight and divide it by half and drink that in oz. I just really want to increase my water intake and be faithful with it!

Sleep- I would like to get back to a regular sleep routine! It’s been a little off lately. I would like to go to bed and get up at the same time everyday 🙂 (with-in 30 min)

Vitamins- I haven’t been very consistent in taking my supplements and I would like to be 🙂

Quote of the Week

“It’s not always easy but it is always worth it.”

Bible Verse

John 4:13-14- Jesus answered and said unto her. Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again.: but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

One of the Facebook groups that I am a part of  has a monthly theme and verse. Thirst. The goal this month is to drink more water but also to satisfy our spiritual thirst with Christ.


Because I am still working on this water intake and doing better at it my tip this week is to have a water bottle that you love 🙂 Use it to track how much water you are drinking. I need to drink 4-5 to meet my goal!

Weight Loss

I maintained last week no weight loss. So a total of 3.5 lbs for January.


One thing that I find helpful is being part of different fitness groups. My challenge is that you find a group and participate! There are a few that I am a part of but I tend to be a silent observer most of the time. Here our my top 4 that I really like!

Radiant Living Community- Run by blogger Marie Osborn. This is the group that I mentioned in my Bible verse for the week. I plan on trying to comment and take part in sharing photos etc. I’m bad at that 🙂

THM Challenge Group– This is my favorite THM group. It’s a bit smaller than the other ones and I find much more friendlier, helpful, and supportive! (Compared to the main THM group just my personal opinion.)  Run by Chrissy Benoit.

Empowering Life & Wellness (Unoffical THM Support & General Wellness Tips)– She is also a fitness coach and has some awesome YouTube Videos.

Healthy & Fit- Run by a friend of mine from college. Most people in the group are doing THM. It’s small and everyone is pretty helpful and encouraging.

All these groups are Christian groups.

Would love to hear how you’re doing in your journey in getting Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016!

healthy fit 'n lean 2016 2w5


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12 comments on “Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 5

  1. You can do this. Keep going. Please don’t focus on your total pounds lost. It can be demotivating when you don’t reach it; however you lost 3.5 pounds and that is a fantastic amount to lose when you want to keep it off. Keep focusing on the process, the goals will take care of themselves. I love that you are surrounding yourself with others through challenges. Keep going. Don’t give up. Healthy living is what you are creating.

  2. Well done! Keep going! I started a new fitness regimen last year and I am sad to say it slipped around October and I’ve struggled to get back on it…HOWEVER, it is worth it! You’ve got lots of good ideas to keep you on track! 🙂

  3. Hey Samantha,

    Great tips. It’s fun following you on your journey, and a good, weekly reminder, to not neglect my own physical health and self-care. Wishing you a blessed week as you continue moving toward your goals!

  4. You are awesome! I love how your goals are so specific, organized, and I really enjoyed following along 🙂 Keep up the amazing work…you’ve challenged me to be a little more specific with my own! For me…working out – I just just need to plan for it and then I’m good but when it comes to water intake…I don’t know how to drink that much!!! But I hear it gets easier the more you do it so I just need to keep trying. Thanks for sharing!

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