Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 6

healthy fit 'n lean 2016 w6

Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 6

Totally being honest here! Last week was a struggle! Do you have weeks like that? It’s hard to put it out there. Made to Crave chapter 5 was written for me. A truth I need to remind myself of daily. Special days. I give in to them and it does start a cycle of  I will just restart tomorrow. Seriously this one of my biggest struggles. And last week we had my hubby’s and daughter’s birthday. I give in.  On my daughter birthday I did eat a cupcake. But that being said a non scale victory there were a lot left over and they all went in the trash. Temptation was removed! But really I could read chapter 5 everyday! So much truth there!

The challenge of drinking a gallon of water each day didn’t happen. I have been drinking more water but I have only drank a gallon 2 days so far this month.  Same with vitamins took them 2 days. But it is a new week and I am going to keep at it!

Made to Crave (by Lysa Terkeurst)

Chapter 5 Made for More

I think this book is a must read for every Christian girl who wants to lose weight.  But especially this chapter! When we start a diet or lifestyle change there is a honeymoon stage where nothing will tempt us away. But them the honeymoon stage ends and others will tempt us? “this is a special day.” Oh how many special days we all face! Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, Out with friends. And then the cycle  starts. It’s a special night. I can just start tomorrow. Or next week or the first of next month. It is so easy to give in (I know right!) Set us into reverse and then we pretend it doesn’t matter.

“But the truth is it does matter.  and not just for the physical or mental setback. It’s the denial of fundamental spiritual thought that will make a healthy eating plan fall apart time and time again. What is this truth? We were made for more than this. More than this failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds. We were made for victory Sometimes we just have to find our way to that truth.”  WE WERE MADE FOR MORE!!!

If I could write the whole chapter out I would! But this truth is one that we have to get. WE WERE MADE FOR MORE.  Something we need to repeat to ourselves. “Rewriting the go-to scripts in one of the most crucial steps toward permanent progress.”

Really get the book! Read this chapter a time or 2 or 3!


I exercised 4 times this week 🙂 I am doing the Moms into Fitness DVD Workout schedule for their Postnatal Slimdown DVD. I started on week 3 as I had already been loosing doing this DVD for a couple of weeks. I am following the schedule now 🙂  You can some of her workout on you tube 🙂 I don’t know why but I have never been good a doing ab workout consistently. This is one of my goals for the month. Lindsey’s are perfect for beginning abs and works to advance it at a great pace!


Here is my menu for this week. My meal plan color coded to go along with THM. Red is S meal, Orange is E meal and Green is FP  meal. Need some new THM salad dressing options I know I have 🙂

THM Menu


Aiming to lose 10 lbs in February. These are the areas I am focusing on this month.

  • Healthy eating- For February I plan on following Trim Healthy Mama still. I need to work at being more consistent with logging my food. I do follow my menu for the most part put I want to be more accountable to writing it down every time I eat through out the day.
  • Exercise-  Complete Moms into Fitness DVD Workout schedule for their Postnatal Slimdown DVD.  I also want to complete 20 miles on the tread mill through out the month along with being consistent in following an ab routine.
  • Drinking water- drink a gallon of water each day. 
  • Sleep- Consistent sleep routine (within 1/2 hour) 
  • Vitamins- Take daily 

Quote of the Week

Eat for the body you want. Not the body you have. Be fit. Be healthy.

Bible Verse

Romans 8:37- Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.


Aerobic exercise in not only good for burning calories but it also helps improve your physical and mental health!

I know this is true personally 🙂 I always feel better and have more clarity of mind after exercising!

Weight Loss

I lost .5 lbs this week.


Journaling- While I think that keeping a food log is helpful. It is good to journal what you did for the day how you felt where you struggled and where you had success. This is something  I want to get in the habit of. I would like to do some in the morning and in the evening.

How have you been doing on your journey to better health and fitness?  Thanks for stopping by Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 6 🙂

healthy fit 'n lean 2016 2w6

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30 comments on “Healthy Fit ‘n Lean 2016 Week 6

  1. Wow. Sounds like you are doing a great job! I think when I try to be ‘healthier’ I struggle with what to eat, but you look like you have that down too! I will have to check out your other posts linked to this topic and the book!

  2. I love your idea for journaling not just your food, but also your success and struggles throughout the day. Finding patterns is important for breaking bad habits! Great job with your progress!

  3. I think you are right when you say journalling does more good then just keeping track of much affects our health and our situations and emotions all play a role…keep going, don’t quit now and know that you will look back one day and LOVE this journey!

  4. Body, mind, and spirit are very linked! I hear a lot of great things about THM. I do Paleo/Bulletproof diet, and it has done WONDERS. I don’t even have to exercise, and I feel very healthy and energetic.

  5. I love this post. Your meal plan is helpful–I may have to copy it once I get my cookbook! I love that it is color-coordinated! I really need to dig Made to Crave off my bookshelf. I feel like that is the next step in this mind game of really being motivated and sticking to it! Prayers for success on your healthy journey!

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