Holidays at Home

5 Reason to stay home for the Holidays

The first 2 years of our marriage we have travel and spent the holidays with family and friends.  We love all of our family and friends. I love to travel…hubby not so much he is a homebody! And you know what with having a little one I’m starting to become more of a homebody too.  I guess we could invite friends and family to our house but last year we spent the holidays at home. Just our little family. And WE LOVED IT. It was the best thing that we did!

5 Reason to do Holidays at Home

More Family Time

We are busy. Hubby works in the office and occasionally has to travel for work. I work from home and have little ones here for 50+ hours a week. Staying home for the holidays gave us more family time. Just the 3 of us. It was nice to have a couple of full days with just our family. Not just a couple of hours we have each night. And weekend are busy usually too so spending the holidays with just us without errands, traveling and what not was super nice.

Less Stress

Holidays can be stressful if you let them. And traveling can be stressful too! No packing. No traveling with a toddler. No sleeping away from home. We LOVE HOME and love to sleep in our own beds! We actually got to enjoy the holidays stress free! It was a laid back time for us.


One thing my hubby and I wanted to do was have our own family traditions. If we are with other for the holiday (which can be a tradition) it is hard to have your own family traditions. It was great to spend time with other and participate in their family traditions but we wanted to form our own.  Our daughter  was going to be at an age where we wanted to start traditions with her that she would remember.

No Family Drama

Every family has their drama and what not. There was no drama.  And some times there are the difficult family member to deal with. We didn’t want any of that. Also we both come from non-christian homes, we limit the influence that our family will have on us and our little one.

Refreshing Time

Because we stayed home for the holiday and there was no stress from traveling at the end of the holidays we were all refreshed and ready to get back to work…well we would have enjoyed more holiday time off! But there was no traveling home, unpacking, laundry and out the door Monday for work. We got to enjoy all of our time and were refreshed from just being home.


I think we sometime feel like we have to go and be with extended family and friend for the holidays because that is what we have always done. And it is fun to be with them! I love to visit and catch up don’t get me wrong! I’m not a total introvert. We do plan to visit some friends the weekend before the holidays this year.  But really keeping the holidays simple was the Best! And we look forward to it again this year.

How does your family spend the holidays? Do you spend the holidays at home too?

holidays at home


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