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We have been up to a lot of different things this week! So here’s a peek into our week 🙂

I needed  to make laundry detergent this week! This was my 3rd time to make it. The first time it lasted 11 months and the second time 8 months. I have made it the Purex crystals and with downy unstoppables. I prefer the Purex crystal the scent last longer 🙂  Hoping it last longer this time!

Did you know you can put fels-naptha soap in the microwave. Let it cool then it crumbles easily!

Here are some of the crafts I did this week with my little girl. We do a theme of the week, letter, color and number. We are on Capital I this week and our theme was ice/ice cream. Our color of the week was white. We also get books from the library to go with our theme. We usually only do 2 crafts each week. She loves to paint so we did a few extra ones!

Melted Snowman

Can you tell which one I did and the ones she did 🙂

I is for igloo. Used big marshmallows!

Snowmen feet prints. I glued the eyes. She did the buttons.

We  also did our Christmas decorating 🙂 We do not do a Christmas tree. I do plan on adding more to my mantel. Just waiting for the garland to arrive in the mail 🙂

We had a busy week and are still getting over colds…which has not been fun!  What have you been up to this week?

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