Homemade Christmas Ornament

My daughter loves to do crafts. Anything with play doh or painting and she is so happy 🙂 This week we made Baking soda ornaments! It was super easy and a lot of fun! We made a keepsake hand print one and then I let her pick out cookie cutters to make. She really likes her star cookie cutter, sometimes she even carries it with her places! And then we have been reciting the gingerbread man
“Run Run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man” so she made a gingerbread lady ornament. (We made the large gingerbread girl and the head fell off while drying oops!) This was a two day craft. First, we made the doh and cut out the ornaments and then the second day we decorated them.

She painted the star all by herself! Even some of the back!
I did the glitter. This is more of a keepsake for me! No painting done!

Click here for the recipe and directions! 

Baking Soda doh could even be used to make other crafts through out the year! 

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