How to Get Back to Reaching your Daily Goals

Reaching your daily goals

For the last couple of weeks I have not posted in my series on 5 goals to accomplish everyday in different areas of my life. We all need to be intentional in what we want to accomplish and know what those goals are. But you now what sometimes life just happens… life gets busy, it’s summer! Really it is SUMMER 🙂 And sometimes I get a little derailed from completing my goals!  Even this last week I have not been doing so great on my TerraFit Challenge…

I don’t know about you but when we are doing large projects around our house I have to choose to work on the project or keep up with all my daily goals and to do list. Something has to give a little.

Here are some of the big things we did over the last couple of weeks

1. Take out our drop ceiling and put in a new one. Paint the ceiling and the walls.


2. I went through the house and uncluttered. I donate to the epilepsy foundation when they come through our neck of the woods each year. You know  why they do free pick up! Do you get that FREE Pick right at your door. No loading the car and hauling it off to good will or what not! Just outside my front door. So I got the notice out of my mail box on short notice and I knew it was time to get rid of some stuff you I made it a priority to go through each room and find things to give. There is still more I could probably get rid of…Seriously!



3.Yard projects-We have been working on getting our yard in better shape! We are not totally done yet…but this is some of what I did these past 2 weeks. I mulched and put rocks around our front trees (we have 5). And we finally had our stumps removed this summer after my hubby cut down several over the last few summers.



4. We had company come and visit!  We don’t have out-of-town guest very often! It was a lot of fun and one full house. My friend Elizabeth from college came to visit as her family was heading up to ME on a mission trip. Our kiddos had a lot of fun together and it was so nice to catch up!


But as my company was getting closure to their time of arrival I though oh man I need to get this house back in order and I was still trying to touch up paint in the room they were staying in. So instead of exercising in the wee hours of the morning I was painting or cleaning up my house. I needed to get pack on track to meeting my daily goals that I have in different areas.

dirty house
My dirty cluttered house

How to get back on track to Reaching your Daily Goals

1. Review what your goals are. You have to know that your goals are so you know what you’re accomplishing. Write a to-do list and prioritize your list.

2. Pick a Place to Start. Once you review your goals and have your list know where your going to start and most importantly START 🙂 Set a timer if need be and keep busy until it goes off before taking a break. Time your break and make sure you start working on your daily goals again!

3. Finish what you started before moving on to your next goal. If your goal is to get the kitchen clean finish the kitchen before you move on to the bathroom etc…

4. Stay on track with what you have already accomplished as you work on other goals. Once you finish one area keep up with your daily goals every day in that area.

5. Give yourself Grace. Remember there are seasons in life and they change. Give yourself grace and  time to get where you want to be! If your routine and schedule is not working take time to reevaluate so that you can find what will work for you and make the necessary changes to accomplish your goals!

Sometimes life activity and events derail you from where you want to be but don’t let it get you down and overwhelmed! Keep on going and find the motivation to reach your daily goals.

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