What I’m using for Preschool 2016-2017

What I'm Using for Preschool Curriculum 2016-2017 #preschool

I’m excited to be getting into teaching preschool again! I decided to start in July as there are days when it is to hot to stay outside all day. By starting in July we will finish by May and will be able to spend May and June in the beautiful outdoors!

This year My Preschool Plan has been fun to plan but also a little challenging! My daughter is 3 1/2 and very much ready for a more structured program. We also plan for her to start Kindergarten next school year.  My daycare kiddos are all a year or more younger than her. So this year I have preschool activities planned for the group and then separate plans for my daughter.

This year I will be doing a 2 day preschool program with my daycare kids. (Most of my daycare kiddos are part-time too.)  That being said learning through play activities take place everyday!

Preschool 2016-2017 Plan


Circle Time

  • Songs
  • Books
  • Poem of the Week
  • Calendar and Weather

Motor Skill Activities

Group Activity– games, process art, crafts, or dramatic play

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Literacy Lessons

  • Phonics
  • Oral Language
  • Phonological Awareness

I decided to purchase lesson plans to follow this year to make my planning easier. You can find out more about this bundle from the Stay at Home Educator.

For our letter collage this year I decided to do hand print booklets to send home at the end of the year.

Hand Print Letter Collage


  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Patterns
  • Measurement
  • Graphing
  • Adding and Subtracting

Same for math I purchased lesson plans to follow this year!  Find out more here.

Sensory Play/Bins -One new bin each week. I don’t do sensory bins during the summer when we have lots of time for outdoor play and water play 🙂

This year I am not doing themes. Themes are great but they take a lot of time to plan each week, and often don’t give kids a enough time to really learn about them.  I will plan crafts, sensory bins, and science that have a common theme that goes with the months, season or holidays each month.  It keeps it simple for me and it helps them to relate things that are already taking place around them naturally.

Preschool Learning through Play. #preschool

Now for my daughter Preschool/K4 Plan

( We plan to do more of a Charlotte Mason/Classical Education in the years to come so we are starting to add in the “riches”)

Morning Basket

  • Bible Time
  • Poems
  • Nature Study
  • Art
  • Read-A-Louds


We are using Reading Through the Alphabet. We started to use it some last year. Once we finish with that we will use Learn to Read and Sight and Sound reading Lessons.


We are using a few different things to work on hand writing such as sandpaper letters, magna doodle, practice sheets, Usborne Wipe Clean books, coloring, salt trays.


I’m just extending the lessons that we are doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays for her and add a few other activities that she shows interest in.


List of Resources I Use

This Reading Mama– She has great freebies for her subscribers! I have made all of her alphabet and phonics cards to help with reading! I am using her Reading the Alphabet and Learn to Read Program this year.

The Measured Mama– She has tons of free activities and worksheets! She also has reading books to go along with Reading Through the Alphabet. I also own her Preschool Book which is a excellent resource!

Teaching Mama- She also has a Preschool Book that is great. I use a lot of her songs and poems for circle time.

3dinosaurs- She has every theme and printable you could want. I use a lot of her ABC and Number Packet Pages.

Stay at Home Educator– I am using her lesson plans for literacy and Math this year.

Looking for more ideas? Check out my Pinterst Preschool Boards!

What I'm Using for Preschool Curriculum 2016-2017 #preschool


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