Mama You Can Do It All

mama you can do it all

As I was laying in bed the other night I kept thinking about a couple of blog post titles that I had read. “Mama you can’t do it all” and “Working Mama You Can’t Do it All.”   And I know bloggers try to have titles that will grab people’s attention I get that….

But just reading the title turned me off. Why? because it would give me an excuse to be lazy to not fulfill my priorities and goals. Reading articles that tell me it’s OK not to do or I can’t do, doesn’t help me be a better person. It gives me justification for not becoming a better person.

Hey Mama you can do it all! You can do all that  you need to do! Stay at home Mama you can do it all, Working from home Mama you can do it all, Work out of the home Mama you can do it all!

Doing it all… is doing all things that are right for you and your family! Not what is right for your friends, extended family, what the media/social media is telling you that  you should be be doing. What should you be doing? You need to sit down and figure it out base on your goals and responsibilities in life. Once you know what you need and want to be doing I know you can do it!

But you know what it is going to take work! It is going to take effort!

5 Traits you Need to Do It All

  1. Balance– To be able to accomplish what you need to do you need to have balance in your life in all areas! A few years ago I had to really figure this all out! You need to balance your time, money, energy, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual  priorities in life and those of your family! No Mama you can’t  do what every other Mama is doing but you can do all that YOU need to be doing! Have you taken the time to know your goals? Do you have a routine? Do you have a to do list? By having goals and a routine it will help you do what you need to do! Maybe you and your family as a whole need to find balance instead trying to do 1001 things!  Yes mama you can do it all if you are doing the right things!  Maybe you need to cut things out of your schedule so that you can do all that you need to do. Get rid of the extra things that are not really important.
  2. Learning to Say No– With learning to have balance in your life you will have to learn to say no to activities/opportunities that come your way. Pick and choose wisely the things you do. Don’t commit to everything. Only pick the ones that will help you reach your goals in life and the lives of your hubby and little ones. It is great to help out and volunteer but only pick the best things that fit into your goals and routine. Don’t over commit where you can’t accomplish all that you need to do.
  3. Correct Prioritizing– OK the only way your going to do all that you need to do is by having the correct priorities. And that will be different for each family. Maybe you as an individual or with your spouse need to sit down and figure out what your priorities are so you can do all that you need to do! Taking care of my family and running my daycare are my biggest priorities and a lot of things fall under those 2 areas like keeping a clean home, preparing meals, activities with the kiddos, time with hubby, family time, book-keeping, one on one time with my daughter, laundry, taking care of myself, enhancing my skill and knowledge in areas that are important to me and my family. I  can do all these things if my priorities are straight.
  4. Self Motivation– You need to have the motivation to do it all. I think this is an area people (myself included) lack. We procrastinate, we’re lazy, we make excuses of why we didn’t get something done, we don’t have realistic goals… and then we just lose the motivation to even try because it late, not enough time, we’re tired (especially at the end of the day). Keeping motivation is hard but an important key to accomplishing all things that we need to do. I have found that starting and to keep going and not taking breaks I can get a lot done in the morning and be prepared for my day to accomplish my goals for the day. Once it is done that is the time to take a break and look around and say WOW look at what I did! MAMA you have to stay Productive and Focused on the things that need to be done!
  5. Manage your time– Everyone needs to do this! This book is super helpful! (not an affiliate link)
  • Get rid of distractions–Social media is a big distraction. Turn in off until your done with all the things you need to do! Hey it will still be there later I promise even if later is 2 days from now its not going anywhere 🙂  Smart phone turn it off put it down. Come back to it later. I don’t have one because I am smart enough ;)…so this is not really a distraction for me. I don’t need to take my email, Facebook, twitter,  you name it with me… it will still be there when I’m done with the things I need to do.
  • Get rid of time wasters–OK this can be tied into  getting rid of distractions. Where are you wasting your time? Mine is usually a good book.  Make time for fun things but make sure your not wasting time and do the more important things in your life first. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to get done the things we need to do.

I read  this a lot in other people’s post on Facebook be it friends or in groups that I am apart of ” I’m overwhelmed I have so much to do and I just don’t know where to start.” And a lot of time this lead to not starting at all! Let me give you the first place to start. Get off the computer and just start working. If you know your goals and have a to do list it will be easy to know what needs to be done. Need to clean the house start in one room and move on to the next. Don’t let in distractions. Have little ones? Have them help you or have them play in only one room while you’re cleaning.

When doing it all that all is what is right for you and your family! You have to have your priorities and goals and they need to be realistic.

Life doesn’t look like pinterest or the better home and garden magazine. And people post their “best” usually on social media. Don’t measure your accomplishment based on these things! Be realistic. Strive to be and do all that YOU need to do!

We all have areas that we need to approve on and change to become better. No one has arrived at perfect. But if you have your goals and priorities correct You can do it ALL mama. Know what your ALL IS 🙂

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9 comments on “Mama You Can Do It All

  1. Love this post! Great info! Great use of color and numbering! I know it’s weird to say that but the blogger side comes out 🙂 HOnestly, this is a great post! Really uplifting!

  2. So spot on. The learning to say no thing requires a lifetime of practice I think, and is one of the hardest of the above to implement. It’s not so much that I am afraid of disappointing people as it is making the right decisions as to when NO is the right answer. Thanks for sharing and hosting the Weekend Wind Down linky party!

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