Motivated Mondays–Goal Setting

Goal setting is something that most people do in some shape or form. I have never really written down my goals all in one area. But there are things that I am trying to accomplish. And it is neat to see my progress. Therefore I have started to write my goals down…but more in list form or a To DO list. I love crossing things off…it give such a feeling of accomplishment.
One bit of advise I ran across with goal setting is doing SMART goal setting. This approach has been used for people setting financial goals but can be applied to any area of life really!  🙂

Smart Goal Setting is :

T-time bound

With goal setting you do need to be specific in what you want to achieve. If your are vague, how will you know what you are aiming for or when you have reached it. Your goal should also be measurable. You should be able to track your progress! It nice to see your accomplishments. Your goals should also be attainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure by having unrealistic goals! Are your goals relevant to what you want to achieve?  And lastly time bound. When do you want to have accomplished your goal? It needs to be time bound so you stay on track! Its great to know when you have crossed the finish line!
SMART goals has made me think about my goals.  It has helped me to work on  improving how I set and keep track of my goals.
What do you do to set good goals? How do you keep track of them?

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