Muddy Pigs Sensory Bin

pigs in the mud

I have wanted to share what we have done so far for preschool this year. What our weekly lesson plan have been but just have not had the opportunity to get each week all together here on the blog… but I though I would share what we did for our sensory bin this week. I do one sensory bin a week. My little ones love it! And I love that it keeps them engaged for so long! For the month of September our theme is All Things Farm related. I decided to do a month-long theme for my benefit of not switching themes every week which is a lot of work. And really there is enough to keep a theme going for a month that the little ones will not get tired of it quickly!

For our first sensory bin for all things farm we did muddy pigs!  Sensory bins give children the opportunity to explore new ideas and knowledge  you give them  in a fun hands on experience! We talked about why pig wallow in mud. What sound does a pig make. What is a Father, Mother, and Baby pig called.  This bin is also safe for little tykes to do to as it is chocolate pudding so if it goes in the mouth no big deal. Just make sure what you add to the bin is not a choking hazard.

Muddy Pigs Sensory Bin

Muddy Pigs Sensory Bin
So Much Fun!!!

Make chocolate pudding the night before. I made 3 packs of instant pudding. It was ready to in the morning!

Add pig farm animals to your bin. You can  also add scoops, spoons, measuring cups, whisks, really whatever you want! I keep the scoops that come in baby formula and whey protein on hand for sensory bins.

Have water available to for clean up! We did this outside so it didn’t get all over the kitchen. I  just filled up our water table as it was such a nice day out!

Let them go at it!

The mess really didn’t take that long to clean up. I just sprayed everything down with the hose…well not the kids 😉


Had to put it the wagon too! Oh and on the slide…


three little piggies
All my little preschoolers  playing so nicely together!

They played with this sensory bin for almost 2 hours!

Have you ever done a muddy pigs sensory bin?

Ghost Mud is just as much fun!

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