Must Have Skill for Weight Loss

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There is a lot of advice out there on weight loss.  What to eat and what not to eat. How many meals/snack a day you should have. How many hours between meals. What the best weight loss diet is. How to exercise and how not to exercise. HIIT, Cardio, Weights?   What supplements to take. How to limit your calories. How much sleep you need.   What essential oils to use. How to detox.  How much water to drink….And really the list goes on and on and on. One can write a lot about weight loss. One  can try a lot of different ways to loose weight. Yes watching what and how much you eat and exercise are important and you do need to do both. And yes supplements, oils etc can help but really if your missing this one skill you won’t get vary far. And you will give up on all the hard work you have done if you don’t have this skill.


Must have skill for Weight Loss is Self Control… discipline.

Self Control to not eat unhealthy foods

Self Control to make good choices

Self Control to eat less

Self Control to follow through

Discipline to  exercise

Discipline to drink water… lots and lots of water

Discipline to control that sweet tooth

Discipline to menu plan…and flow the plan

Discipline to cook when you don’t feel like it instead of eating out

Discipline to not be lazy

Discipline to take care of yourself

Really you must take the time to learn self control and to become discipline in this area of your life if your going to lose weight and keep it off. But really this can apply to various areas in life can it not? Need to save money you have to have self control to not spend to tell yourself no and not give in to immediate gratification. Homemaking takes a lot of discipline to not be lazy and do what need to get done.  Starting you own business take discipline. Want well behaved children…child raising take a lot of work a lot of self control and discipline to do the job right!

Right now after some heart to heart discussions with my hubby and then with myself this is what I need to work on. Not easy to face when you think about it! How about you how are you doing with your self control? How do you do with forming new habits and establishing discipline in your life?


Weight loss skill

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12 comments on “Must Have Skill for Weight Loss

  1. It’s all about self control and discipline. I am so giid when I’m by myslef… I fall to peer pressure a lot when it comes to food

  2. Self control and discipline are defintely one of the corner stones of weight loss I also think determination is up there too incase you do slip up you need to keep on going 🙂 great post though 🙂 – I found you through the fitness friday link up

  3. I completely agree and I’m terrible at this. Particularly at that time of the month! My self control is pitiful and discipline? Well let’s just say it needs work!
    I have done well so far this week though and bought only healthy food for our dinners. I have a menu plan and hopefully will stick to it. Good luck. xx

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