My Journey to a Better Life- Why I began to use Essential Oils

children-542104_1280(1)Just last night, a girl I went to college with became a first time mom. Those words just excite me! First time MOM! Those words also bring to memory feelings of unsurety, fear of failure and fear of “getting it wrong”. Up until becoming pregnant I had thought very little about medicine, vaccinations, antibiotics or even food. The moment I found out I was pregnant, after the excitement of it all wore off, I was bombarded with choices! Will I nurse or use formula? Will I vaccinate? Will I make my own baby food? Will I co-spleep? Not unlike most first time moms I began to research and form my opinions on these issues carving my path in the World of Motherhood.

I had a great first pregnancy and with the exception of a few hiccups, my baby was born as planned. Holding my tiny little baby was a dream. My mother’s heart fluttered with pride over this amazing human my body had created.

She was a fall baby, and even though she was healthy the winter cold proved to much for her little body to ward off and soon I found her congested and coughing. Having already determined to do things more naturally, we put her in a steamy room, we used an onion sock, and I even tried breast milk up her nose (awkward moment when your husband walks in to you standing over the baby trying squirt milk up her nose!) Soon I found myself at the doctor’s office with a prescription in hand for an antibiotic because of an ear infection. I felt like a horrible mom letting my daughter get an ear infection and then failed her by having to use antibiotics on her still new immune system. I assumed my “natural” remedies had failed me too.

Let us fast forward to when my daughter was seven months. I had noticed for quite some time a rasp in her breathing, especially after playing outside. Being a diligent mother I questioned her pediatrician. I will never forget his response, “It is normal for kids to sound a little congested. She will grow out of it.” Normal? Grow out of it? I did not think hearing such rattle in my daughters breathing was normal! Others began commenting on the sound as well. But my doctor was not worried! Should I be?

My sister-in-law had just begun experimenting with Essential Oils. I had used Tea Tree for some household cleaning, but never thought about using them on myself. She invited me to a class in her home to learn more about essential oils. I was pretty impressed with what was said in the class, but I was still skeptical. On my way home that evening I prayed for wisdom concerning essential oils benefits and if they were right for my family.

The very next morning I was headed to the doctor to have my wrist examined. I had been waking up with completely numb hands and shooting pain from wrist to elbow. As a hairdresser, I was sure it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (enter God’s amazing guidance!) When I booked this appointment, I randomly chose an office and was randomly assigned a doctor. The doctor confirmed my fear. Carpal Tunnel! If you have heard those words, knowing it could end your career or keep you from holding your baby you understand my fear.

I awaited the prescription pad to whip out and be filled with inflammatory and pain medication. Instead, the doctor simply said, “I’m prescribing you two wrist braces to be worn all day for two weeks and then at night. And I’d also put peppermint oil on your wrist. It will help with the pain and inflammation.” What did she say? Did she just prescribe me essential oils instead of drugs? I was dumfounded! This began a long conversation between us about essential oils and homeopathics that she used to treat her children. She made a statement during our conversation that has forever changed the way I approach the medical profession. She said, “We (doctors) are trained by the pharmaceutical companies. We are trained to prescribe drugs to relieve a symptom. We are not trained to really look for and cure the cause.” Pretty damning words from a doctor!

I truly felt that this was my answer from God concerning essential oils. I purchased a small kit containing Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint oil. After several weeks of continual use of peppermint and wearing braces as my doctor had prescribed my Carpal Tunnel was completely relieved. Now 2 1/2 years later, I still do hair and use Peppermint oil or soothing blend to maintain healthy wrists.

Seeing the success on my wrists, I decided to focus on my daughter’s breathing. Lemon and lavender oil seemed to support her breathing the most. I applied religiously several times a day at first. As I noticed her breathing easier I backed off the number of applications and soon was only applying before bed. She too was relieved of her rasp and rattle. For the first time since she was born my little girl sounded like all the other little children. Even those around us committed on the change in her breathing! It was then I knew that there was no going back. Essential oils were in our life to stay.

It has been 2 1/2 years since I discovered for myself the power of essential oils. In that time we have used them to maintain a healthy, happy family life!

As we journey together in this world, I wish for us to grow, learn, and better understand essential oils so that we can use them properly and to their full benefit. Join me on the Journey to a Better Life!


Please Remember, We ARE NOT doctors. We can not and will not prescribe, diagnose or promise a cure.

We ARE essential oil users and advocates for our own and your wellness. We desire you to have the best health possible and simply share information.

We encourage YOU to BE YOUR OWN ADVOACTE! Do your own Research and study. Decide for yourself what is best for your life and your family.

 These statements have not bee evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product and article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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