Peppermint Scrub Christmas Gift

 A couple of months ago I decided it would be great to give the ladies in my Bible Study at church a small Christmas gift.  There are 12 ladies in my Bible Study group and 2 nursery workers. I wanted it to be something nice but not to expensive. I kept seeing these sugar scrubs on pinterest and thought wow that would be a great gift. So I started to plan…

Jars can be expensive depending on the size you want and how many you need. I also wanted small jars. You only need a little sugar scrub when you use it. So a light bulb went off in my head one day while I was feeding my daughter…BABY FOOD JARS…they would be the perfect size and hey what a great way to up-cycle, reuse, whatever you want to call it. I usually just throw them away. So I started to save them. OK I might be the only one that has a toddler who still eats baby food, she prefers it over table food…were working on it REALLY working on it… Baby food jars are really small. But the size was just right for want I wanted!  Target has even had some glass jars in their dollar bins for several weeks that would work too.

List of materials needed:

  • Jars
  • Spray Paint
  • Sand paper
  • Twin 
  • Gift Tags 
  • Sugar 
  • Essential Peppermint Oil (I used NOW brand, I already had it)
  • Vegetable  Glycerin (I used NOW brand, I already had it)

Lets get started! I had washed my baby food jars and stored them until ready to use. There was a little print of numbers on the jar. They scrape off easily with a butter knife. And there was a little bit of sticky stuff on them from where they had attached the label. I used goo gone to get it off. Then I washed the jar again to get off the goo gone.

Next, I lightly sanded the lids. I decided to paint my lids red.  I thought that was a festive color to use!  I painted them with spray paint. Make sure you lay out enough newspaper or a painting plastic sheet to cover a wide area. Spray paint goes farther than you think! Trust me on that one…I might have a little spray paint on my garage floor.  I did 3 coats of spray paint. Do light coats of paint. It will turn out better than doing a heavy coat. You do not want drips.

Mix up your sugar scrub.
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup vegetable glycerin
10-25 drops of essential peppermint oil

 I filled 20 jars. Sometimes we have visitor in our study and I wanted a few extra. baby food jars hold about 1/4 cup. So depending on how much you want to make mix up the right amount. I tripled the recipe.  Fill up your jars 🙂

I found these cute small tags that open at Micheals during black Friday shopping. I really liked the size and that you could write on the inside. You could make your own out of scrapbook paper if you’re really crafty 🙂 In my tags I wrote Peppermint Sugar Scrub  Merry Christmas Samantha. I didn’t write any of the ladies names on the inside. Will be easier to distribute!

The twin I used I found in the dollar bins at Target. I love those bins 🙂 I attached my tag around the jar with the twin.

What a fun project to do and give to others!

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