The Physical Battle to Lose Weight

The Physical Battle to Lose Weight

It’s 5 am again and the alarm is going off. And the temptation to just hit the snooze button and roll over and go to sleep is really what I want to do.  It seems like it is a daily battle. Dragging myself from bed to exercise. That dreaded word for some. Exercise it is part of the physical battle to lose weight. Sleep is another one for sure. How do we find balance? How can we deal with this physical battle to lose weight?

There are many different aspects that affect weight loss.   For some people the physical part of weight loss will be huge and for others not so much.  Fitting in more exercise and moving more throughout the day is important.  Even if you’re exercising but not eating right it will not help you as much. We all have to learn to deal with different physical battles to lose the weight we want to.

The Physical Battle to Lose Weight

Knowing your Body

Being over weight can be a symptom of a greater problem. It is  a good idea that before trying to lose weight to speak with your doctor.  Thyroid can be one issue that affects your weight. Keeping track of your period is important too. If your hormones are off-balance is a major issue for women. It is so important to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you. You also might be mixing up signals that it is sending you. Are you really hungry or just thirsty. It takes time to heal your body. Make sure you take time to figure it all out.


Oh it can be so hard to get a goods night sleep. Our bodies need enough sleep to run well. Making sure you’re getting enough can be hard at different seasons of life (have a newborn babe?!) Setting a bed time and a wake up time can help your body to get into a routine. I need 7-8 hrs of sleep to really function well. I can go on 5-6 for shorts periods of time but I don’t have awesome days. When I am over tired I tend to eat more.  I tend to drink more coffee. When really I should just take a nap or go to bed early. Getting into a good sleep pattern will benefit your weight loss journey immensely.


I know I know you all know that this is something that has to be done. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight exercise has great health benefits. Having healthy nutrition is more beneficial than exercise. You can exercise all you want but if your still over eating and eating lots of junk  you most likely not going to lose weight. There are awesome benefits to exercise and it should be a priority for sure!

  • Schedule it into your day. I love how I feel after I exercise. I have tried to exercise at different times morning, afternoon when the kiddos are napping and lately at night. With my work schedule I have found I can be more consistent with exercising at night, but let me tell you I feel wide awake after I finish. I am ready to go! And this has led to going to bed late and then needing to get up early for work the next morning. I have had to adapt. I exercise right after my little one goes to bed then finish up my evening routine like doing the dishes and what not so that I have time to wind down and go to bed at a descent hour.  Schedule it into your day and don’t skip!
  • Make exercise fun! Find something you love! I love Lindsey Brin DVDs. Walking/jogging outside when the weather is nice. Going to the gym. Taking an exercise class. Find your thing and just do it!
  • Push Yourself to the Next Level!  I am definitely not wanting to stay where I am at physically and I am sure you are not either. You have to push yourself when you’re exercising not to the point your going to injure or over do it but enough to make your body need/want to improve. And the next day push yourself and little bit further and continue to do so everyday. This is the battle to keep pushing yourself to improvement to better health!

Balancing it all in life can be hard! There is so much to do and not extra time to fit it in.  We can find the balance when we figure out what we should be spending our time on. Look at your schedule and see what is important must do and cut out the extra where ever possible. Make self-care a priority. That is what you are trying to accomplish with weigh loss. You are trying to take care of yourself so that you can have better health and can take care of your family.  This year it was not only a personal goal of mine to work on getting healthier and in shape but a goal my hubby and I set for our family. I will persevere in this and so can you!

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The Battle to Lose Weight

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The Physical Battle To Lose Weight

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13 comments on “The Physical Battle to Lose Weight

  1. Balancing it all is hard. My kids do not let me get more than five hours a night, and even then its not consecutive. I need to work on making it a priority when I have time.

  2. Balancing it all and getting enough sleep are the tough ones for me! Things are always changing with our kids (i.e. getting sick) and it makes it hard to stay consistent. I love your tips!

  3. Getting enough sleep is a huge factor for me. I know the lack of sleep leads to stress and added weight gain. It’s kind of like a snowball effect.

  4. This is so true. I know sleep balance is hard. I either get enough sleep and am stressed because I run out of time to do things, or I don’t get enough sleep and I’m groggy and cranky and my patience is short. Definitely need to find a better balance there.

  5. Finding the time can sometimes be a challenge. Even though our gym has childcare, sometimes it’s so hard to get the kids packed up and motivated to go too. I’ve been super sick again, so that isn’t helping either.

  6. I found that giving up the gym membership and doing you tube workout videos has helped me to find in exercise more often. I love Jessica Smith’s workout videos – from 15-45 minutes so I can fit it in almost any time!

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