Preparing for Weight Loss in the New Year

Preparing for weight loss in the new year #weightloss #health #fitness

As 2016 is coming to a close and we look to 2017 we start to set new goals (or resolutions).  There is nothing saying you can’t start today and have to wait until the 1st of a new year to set and start new goals. But it seems that this is when most people start. After the holidays. Want to lose the weight that might have been gained during the holiday season or wanting to make larger health/weight loss goals whatever your goals are doing a little bit of ground work before starting can go a long way.

Are there certain things you can do to start preparing for weight loss in the new year? I believe so! 🙂

Preparing For Weight Loss in the New Year

Set Goals

Know what your goals are! Set attainable, realistic goals for yourself. Yes they should be challenging but not so hard that you are setting yourself up for failure.  If you have a larger goal break it up into smaller goals to work on.  Set a date for when you want to reach each goal.

Get Motivated

Getting motivated and keeping motivated should be something to work on each day. Find inspirational quotes. Find ways to reward yourself along the way as you reach smaller goals. It can be so easy to get frustrated and give up when the going gets tough. Find someone who will give you accountability and motivation along the way. Identify internal and external motivation-write them down. Know your vision and where you want to be heading.

Get Excited

Get excited about what you are doing! Practice positive self-talk each day before each work out. If you’re not excited about what you are doing then you will quit and give up. Having the right mind-set and attitude will make all the difference.

Clear out the Junk

Get rid of all the left over holiday goodies and any other foods in your pantry and fridge that you know you shouldn’t be eating. Stick to a whole foods diet. Cut out the sugar and processed foods. Our culture today has set Thanksgiving to Christmas/New Years and one be feasting time. (And we wonder why we gain so much weight during the holidays!) Remember that each holiday is just one day and limiting the “junk” during the season helps.

Have an Action Plan

Have an action plan for each day. Plan out your week. I started using a bullet journal a few month ago. I track my exercise, water and menu plan all in one place. Know your Plan and stick to it. If it is on your calendar keep that “meeting” exercise time and menu. The only one your cheating when you don’t do it is yourself.

Commit to an Exercise Routine

Know what you’re going to do for exercise be it the gym or a DVD find one that you LOVE and keep at it! I personally love Lindsey Brin and starting January 1st this is what I will be doing 🙂 and I’m excited about it!

Start working on Healthy Habits

Start working on healthy habits! Such as:

Menu Plan

Ummm let me tell you this is not my strong point at all but something that I have been working on for the past couple of months! Menu plan! And stick to the menu! Have a couple of healthy back up options for you know those day that just go off kilter 🙂

Commit to a better You in the New Year

Be committed to a BETTER YOU in the New Year.  Make yourself a priority! Your health IS important which is more than just weight loss. Take time to getting healthy physically but also mentally, emotionally and yes spiritually. Take time to learn new things about health and new recipes and better ways to prepare food. I love to read! And what better way to gain knowledge than to read books that will help you to be a BETTER You and they will give you motivations to reach your goals too!

Start Preparing for Weight Loss in the New Year TODAY!

Preparing for weight loss in the new year #weightloss #health #fitness

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