Preschool Routine

preschool routine

Children need and thrive on routine they love to know what is coming next and it helps them to transition from one activity to the next. We have a routine but it is also flexible at the same time. We don’t have a strict schedule. Our routine is about the same with in a 15-30 minute time frame.  It is flexible at the same time. If they are not ready for circle time and need some outside time (weather permitting) we go outside first and do circle time later. I do consider what their needs are before just following a routine.

This is my first full year of running a daycare and doing preschool out of my home. I have more flexibility being a small in home daycare than working at a big commercial preschool/daycare. I love that I can change my routine to meet the needs of my little ones. And because I have a smaller ratio of children to teacher I can meet their individual needs and not be rushed onto the next thing on the schedule. Or if they are really into one activity we can continue to do it and adjust the rest of the schedule.

If you are just teaching your own preschooler and/or toddler at home you can create a preschool routine that is perfect for your family. I do think it is important to have a routine even if it is just your own, a small in home daycare/preschool, or a commercial daycare/preschool.

Here is out preschool routine to give you a little bit of a picture of our day.

Preschool Routine

7:00-8:30              Drop off, breakfast, free play. (Some little ones come later depending on the day)

8:45-9:30              Clean up, Circle Time, Math, Science, Reading Readiness skills

9:30-10:00           Directed Play/Activity Monday and Wednesday Letter Collage

10:00-10:15         Snack

10:15-11:30         Outside Play, Tuesdays Sensory Bin and Thursday Craft

11:30-12:15          Lunch, Get ready for nap time

12:15-3:00           Nap Time (if up before 3pm they have quiet time and free play)

3:00-3:15             Snack Time

3:15-4:00             Writing Readiness Activities and Directed Play Activities

4:00-4:30             Clean Up and Get Ready to go Home

4:30-6:00             Outside Play Free Play (outside time weather permitting) I try to go outside as much as possible right now before the snow comes!

One thing with our afternoon schedule is sometime my preschoolers stay up until 1 or 1:30, their just not ready for nap at the same time as my toddler/infant. Occasionally they will sleep until 4pm or later. I let them. I don’t wake my kiddos up to go outside etc. I assume that they need the extra sleep. If my preschooler stay up a until 1:30 we do quiet games, writing readiness skills and read books. I have never had a parent complain  that their kiddo would not go to sleep that night if they took a long nap. It definitely doesn’t happen everyday!

Do you have a good preschool routine?

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  1. Oh yes!! I firmly believe that human beings were designed by their Creators to thrive on routines, whether they are 2 days old or 200 years old. 🙂 As adults, most of us are able to adapt as changes arise in our daily activities; children does not have that ability to adapt as quickly.

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