Preschool Year 1 Week 12

week 12Last week was  busy but soo much fun!  Come check out what we did for preschool!

Preschool Year 1 Week 12

Theme: Thanksgiving

Circle Time– During Circle time we sing songs, nursery rhymes, counting, group game, read books, weather and calendar, and will talk about the day. I do songs, poems and books based on what our theme is!  Want more information about circle time go here! My Little ones have really been into doing our calendar! We use this one.

Songs- Good Morning,  Days of the week and Months of the Year, 10 little Indians

Poem-  The Tom Tom

Books- Clifford’s Thanksgiving, Biscuit Meets the Class Pet, Marley A Thanksgiving to Remember, 1o Fat Turkeys, Hoot Hoot, Potty Time Chickies

Potty Time Chickies has a video my daughter loves to watch it!  There are other books and videos too!

Reading Readiness- We are doing 2 letters a week (most weeks) We work on Letter and Sound recognition. Only doing one letter with the toddler I watch. My preschoolers already know their Capital Letters and most of the Lower Case so it is really getting them to learn the sounds that letters make.  And we read read read!

I sing the song-A says a, A say a, every letter makes a sound and A say a,  a a a apple, a a a  ape, a a a ant.

This week we did Rr and Ss. You can find the letters collages here. We do packet 1 pages 2 and 6 each week for each letter!

Writing Readiness- Coloring, Do a Dot pages. Any activity that has them working on fine motor skills is great for writing readiness for 2 and 3 year olds! Lacing cards, play-dough, painting, sandpaper letter etc. I used these pages from 3dinosaurs thanksgiving pack and

letters r and s

Math-  Counting to 20, Counting objects to 12, Number recognition to 20

Science- Weather and seasons

Sensory Bin– Rice

Activity/Craft-  We made with cute Turkeys! This craft took us 3 days to make! They did a different step each day! They really enjoyed making them! And they are super cute!

For our activity we played bowling! I got these mini bowling sets at target years ago but just got them out for them! It was lots of fun!

paper plate turkey


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