Preschool Year 1 Week 4

Week 4Welcome! We have still been busy with our farm theme! I hope to post 2 weekly plans this week so I am all caught up as we are switching themes here for the month of October 🙂 One of the reason I want to blog about what we are doing for preschool is to give you ideas! There is so much out there that it can become overwhelming of know what to do! Really you just need to be ingaging your little ones and giving them hand on opportunities to learn. Keep it simple and fun! I hope that by giving you my lessons plans it will be helpful for putting together a week of fun and learning! Week 5 was also so nice that we spent a lot of time outside!


Preschool Year 1 Week 4

Theme: Farm

Circle Time– During Circle time we sing songs, nursery rhymes, counting, group game, read books, weather and calendar, and will talk about the day. I do songs, poems and books based on what our theme is!  Want more information about circle time go here!

Songs- Old McDonald and A Farm, B-I-N-G-O, Farmer in the Dell, 3 Blind Mice

Poems- Apples in the Apple Tree and  Hey Diddle Diddle

Books-  Horses, Moo(this book has become a favorite!), Farm Morning, and Some Pig(side note I try to include non fiction books along with fiction books even in the preschool years.)

Reading Readiness- We are doing 2 letters a week (most weeks) We work on Letter and Sound recognition. Only doing one letter with the toddler I watch. My preschoolers already know their Capital Letters and most of the Lower Case so it is really getting them to learn the sounds that letters make.  And we read read read!

I sing the song-A says a, A say a, every letter makes a sound and A say a,  a a a apple, a a a  ape, a a a ant.

This week we did letters G. We only did one this week but we did lots of other activities 🙂

letter g

Writing Readiness- We did a lot of coloring this week and play-dough. We use cut out play-dough letters!

Math- Counting 1-15 Number recognition 1-10 Counting objects up to 10. They love to get out the counting bears during circle time now that it happens almost everyday! We also have picked up acorns outside so we have counted them as we put them into the bucket.  We did some Do-A-Dot number pages from 3dinosaurs.

Science- For science we have talked about acorns and who eats acorns, we have taken the tops off of them! We have looked inside of them, we have watched squirrels eating them.

Activity/Craft- We did a variety of activities this week! We did letter matching, lacing cards, and play-dough! For our letter matching I found this one from 1+1+1=1 it’s the clothespin ABCs. We were out side a lot this week. The little ones have been into riding the coupé cars, collecting acorns, pretending they are going grocery shopping and cooking, and playing kick!

Apple Prints

For our Craft we did Apple prints or as my daughter turned it into apple dropping!

Sensory Bin- Oats and Farm animals


Life Skill- Washing and drying hands

We had a busy but a fun week! How is your preschool lessons going??

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