Preschool Year 1 Week 5

Week 5Preschool Year 1 Week 5

Theme: Farm

Circle Time– During Circle time we sing songs, nursery rhymes, counting, group game, read books, weather and calendar, and will talk about the day. I do songs, poems and books based on what our theme is!  Want more information about circle time go here!

Songs-  Color songs and Chants, Good Morning, Marry had a Little Lamb.

One of the games we played during circle time this week was with colored bean bags and we use the Color Chant from the packet on Teaching Mama. I would have them find the color bean bag was we went through the chant. My preschoolers know their colors so it was review for them and then it helped my little toddler work on learning hers.  They loved it! It was a great quick activity and it got them up and moving too!

Poems- Apples in the Apple Tree and  Hey Diddle Diddle

Books-  Cindy Moo, Meow Said the Cow, Moo Who

Reading Readiness- We are doing 2 letters a week (most weeks) We work on Letter and Sound recognition. Only doing one letter with the toddler I watch. My preschoolers already know their Capital Letters and most of the Lower Case so it is really getting them to learn the sounds that letters make.  And we read read read!

I sing the song-A says a, A say a, every letter makes a sound and A say a,  a a a apple, a a a  ape, a a a ant.

We did Hh and Ii this week.

Hh and Ii

Writing Readiness- Sandpaper letter

Math- Counting 1-15 Number recognition 1-10 Counting objects up to 10.  We did number puzzles from 3dinosaurs farm pack.

Science- We have still been working on farm animal baby, mother, and father names.

Activity/Craft- Well we have been picking up acorns for about a week so I did acorn roll art. We rolled the acorn in fall colors and then placed them on paper inside a pan and rolled them around. (similar to marble art). We did puzzles from 3 dinosaurs tot packs. We worked on matching

Acorn Roll Process Art

Sensory Bin-Ducks in the water with bubble just because bubbles are fun!

Life Skill- Washing and drying hands

Worksheets- I personally don’t like to do a bunch of worksheets with this age (2 and 3’s). I prefer to have interactive activities and learning through play. But we do  some worksheets here and there. I get most of  mine at this point from 3dinosaurs. Some of them we do and send home like complete the pattern and do a dot pages. Other ones that work on handwriting I keep in page protectors and in folders with prongs. We get these out once a week. I choose pages from 3dinosaurs farm pack, and apple pack that fit my little ones skills. Learning to write is important and it gives me a chance to do hand over hand, show them how to hold a writing tool, and for them to practice. But I want to develop fine motor skills through play with lacing cards, and beads, building blocks, play and play-dough, coloring, abc collages, salt trays, sandpaper letters to name a few.

Sample Pages

These weekly lesson plan give you a peak into our week of what we are learning! Its an outline that hopefully will be helpful to you and something you can build on!

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What learning activities have you been up to this week?

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