Preschool Year 1 Weeks 8 through 10

Weeks 8-10

I have been behind on sharing what we have done for preschool since the beginning! So this week I am trying to do a little catch up. With that being said I don’t have all the activities we have done photographed! Hopefully this will get me caught up so next week and I share everything 🙂

Preschool Year 1 Weeks 8 through 10

Theme: Fall

Circle Time– During Circle time we sing songs, nursery rhymes, counting, group game, read books, weather and calendar, and will talk about the day. I do songs, poems and books based on what our theme is!  Want more information about circle time go here! My Little ones have really been into doing our calendar! We use this one.

Songs- Good Morning, Scarecrow Scarecrow, Head Shoulders Knees and toes, Days of the week and Months of the Year

Poem- 5 Little Pumpkins

Books- 5 Black Cats, Hoot Hoot, Gossie, Boo Boo

Reading Readiness- We are doing 2 letters a week (most weeks) We work on Letter and Sound recognition. Only doing one letter with the toddler I watch. My preschoolers already know their Capital Letters and most of the Lower Case so it is really getting them to learn the sounds that letters make.  And we read read read!

I sing the song-A says a, A say a, every letter makes a sound and A say a,  a a a apple, a a a  ape, a a a ant.

This week we did Nn, Oo, Pp, and Qq. You can find the letters collages here. We do packet 1 pages 2 and 6 each week for each letter!


Writing Readiness- Coloring, Do a Dot pages. Any activity that has them working on fine motor skills is great for writing readiness for 2 and 3 year olds! Lacing cards, play-dough, painting, sandpaper letter etc.

Math- Counting 1-20 Number recognition 1-15 Counting objects up to 15.  We have been using our counting bears a lot to count, sort, and make patterns

Science- Weather and seasons

Activity/Craft-  We made fall trees by tracing our hands and making them the tree. We made hand print and finger print fall trees. And finally, we painted pumpkins.  Some group games we have played are dance freeze, red light green light, and ring around the rosies.



pumpkinpaintingWe used q-tips to paint our pumpkins.

Senosory Bin- Two weeks we did water and the other one we did rice.

Life Skill-Sharing we have had to spend some time on sharing.  One game we have played to work on colors has also been helpful with working on sharing! We have been playing pass the color. They just want to hold onto the crayon!

Worksheets- We have been doing fall worksheet and leave worksheets from 3dinosaurs fall pack and leave pack. We mainly have done what come next, color by size, and sorting pages.


Looking for more Fall theme activities check out my Pinterest board!
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