Should You Join a Christian Women’s Fitness Challenge

Should you join a Christian Women’s Fitness challenge? There are so many weight loss challenges out there how can you know which one will be good for you? Actually I have tried a couple of others but there’s something different about Faithful Finish Lines. It’s specifically for Christian Women!

Reasons To Consider Joining Faithful Finish Lines

Lead by Women who have Been There

I’ve read Sara’s e-book and her blog for a couple of years-she’s inspiring! And she’s been right in my shoes. She was over weight, addicted to food but has changed her life loosing 100 lbs and wants to help other Christian women do the same.  She is there to encourage you to reach your goals and knows the struggles that you will face and through Faithful Finish Lines she there holding your hand every step of the way.

Corrine has excellent tips and advise for getting fit. She share videos through out the week on different topics such as keeping a food log to dealing with chronic pain.  Corrine is an avid runner and has a lot of experience with exercise.


Don’t we all need this in life? Encouragement in areas we are struggling with…trying to improve. There is daily encouragement on the blog to read each day. Verses to memorize each week, prayers to consider and helpful tips to keep you on the right track to reach the finish line.  In the private Facebook group you will be able to connect with other who are working on improving their health too.


It’s hard to keep yourself accountable when the going gets tough! There there to check in on you to help you through those tough time so that you can reach the finish line. When your part of a community (in life or on-line) it helps you keep to your goals.


Faithful Finish Lines meets you where you’re at. Yes it challenges you to move more and to eat healthier but there is flexibility in following your own program along with completing Faithful Finish Lines. If you follow weight watchers, Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo you can do it with Faithful Finish lines! If you train for a 5k, do workout DVDs or go to the gym you can do what you love and still complete Faithful Finish Line!


There are different mini goals they give each week. It gives you something to work on. You also set your own personal goals-because weight loss and fitness is personal. You set your Finish Line to complete at the end of 7 weeks. You Must set a goal  of completing some fitness goal be it a 5k or some other event mark it on your calendar and get ready to complete it!


The battle to lose weight is not just a physical one. It is a spiritual one! Being part of a Christian Women’s Fitness Challenge ties the two together-as they should be.

Should you join a Christian Women’s Fitness Challenge? I believe so!

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*Disclaimer: I was given discounted access to the Faithful Finish Lines program in exchange for blogging about my experience. I am not receiving payment of any other form and the opinions are mine alone.Faithful Finish Lines



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