Spring Cleaning All Year Round

Why you should do Spring Cleaning year round.

It’s that time of year again when everyone is getting ready for spring cleaning.  I Don’t do “spring cleaning” because I do my Spring cleaning all year round… Yes you read that right. I do My spring cleaning all year round. And let me tell you it is easy peasy! No week long dread of doing my spring cleaning. No setting aside daily life to clean my home from top to bottom . Why because I get it done through out the year.

Here is how it works. I say that this is only really use full if  you have a regular weekly cleaning schedule. You really can’t just do a spring clean and expect you house to stay in tip-top shape if you are not working at it daily and weekly. Here is my daily weekly cleaning schedule here. And if you are not keeping on top of cleaning regularly spring cleaning will seem like a nightmare!!

So you might be thinking what does spring cleaning all year round look like then? It’s simple really…a friend told me about it! And let me tell you she always has a super clean and tidy house 🙂

Each week I Spring clean one room in my house. That is it…well long with my daily cleaning that is. It usually only takes a little bit more time to fit in depending on the room. I have a list of all the rooms in my house and what needs to be done in each room. As I do a spring cleaning task in that room I mark it off my list until everything is done. Some rooms don’t really take that long and other rooms like the Kitchen take more time.

By breaking it up and doing a little bit each week my home stays in good shape and spring cleaning is not this big hassle overwhelming task. Because I have done it ALL YEAR ROUND!!! And the great thing is I can spring clean my house about 3 times in a year. If I need to miss a week here or there because of other things it is not a huge deal and I just pick up where I left off on my list.

Here is a copy of my list. I have this printed out and keep it in a page protector so I can cross off items as I finish them. Then once everything is done on the sheet, I can wipe it clean and start again.

Have you every thought about doing your Spring cleaning all year round? It might save you a little stress come Spring time!

Why You Should Do Spring Cleaning Year Round


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12 comments on “Spring Cleaning All Year Round

  1. LOVE! I struggle with cleaning-PERIOD. I’m a homeschooling mama of 2 and I’ve got a toddler and infant to go along with it. I NEED a good schedule!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Stopping by from the Meetup Monday Link-up!

  2. Having a plan is half the battle! This is great. I’m much better with little bits along the way rather than being completely overwhelmed with the whole job. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Once I week I dig into a cupboard or closet and post things on my local Buy Nothing Project group to get rid of it in an eco-friendly manner. Such a great way to not let clutter build up!

    1. I would be more of a purger but hubby is not 🙂 Some things he wants listed to sell on cl or ebay but it sits forever! Or the we might want it one day 🙂 Something we have to work on!

  4. Love this idea! You’re still keeping clean all year but it’s not overwhelming, and you’re not waiting for it to pile up and having to stress to take care of WAY too much at one time. Great post.

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